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Ideas for applying industrial decoration to the home

18 March, 2024 · Blog

Industrial decoration is a style that is inspired by the aesthetics of industrial spaces, such as factories and warehouses, and is characterized by its rustic, urban and minimalist look. It is currently one of the most requested interior designs, as it evokes an image with a lot of personality. Also thanks to the conversion of premises into homes, there has been a tendency to restore original industrial elements.

muebles estilo industrial

Given its relevance in today’s interior design moment, we want to share some ideas so you can apply industrial interior design to your home. We will comment on colors, materials, furniture or lighting. If you want to print an industrial decoration style in your home, don’t miss it.

Colors and materials

Opt for neutral and natural colors such as white, black, grey, beige and earth tones. These colors are characteristic of industrial spaces and provide a neutral base for adding decorative elements. In addition, these are contemporary colors that are easy to apply to any space in the home.

It uses raw and natural materials such as metal, untreated wood, concrete and exposed tile. These materials add texture and authenticity to the space. In addition, each works independently in other decorative styles. The market offers you a wide variety of options to get them. If both, you will get a perfect modern industrial decoration.

Furniture and lighting

Choose furniture that looks sturdy and functional, such as metal tables and chairs, solid wood benches, or distressed leather couches. Vintage or distressed furniture complements this style. These are a type of industrial type interior ideal furniture at the present time.

decoracion industrial

When it comes to lighting, we recommend that you opt for industrial pendant lights, recessed spotlights and floor lamps with metallic finishes. Lamps with simple, exposed designs, such as filament bulbs, are especially popular in this style. Industrial design is in fashion and the best thing is that we can find this type of lighting both in large stores and in more niche stores.

Textures and accessories

It incorporates rough textiles and industrial textures such as leather, linen, raw cotton and jute. These materials are often seen in cushions, throws and rugs, adding warmth and contrast to the harsher elements of the industrial style.

Add decorative elements that reflect an industrial image, such as large wall clocks, vintage posters, metal shelves, wooden storage boxes and wrought iron decorative objects. Also add a touch of freshness and life to the space with indoor plants. Opt for industrial-style plants such as cacti, succulents or large-leafed plants in metal or cement pots.

dormitorio diseño industrial

Key ideas of industrial style

Remember that the key to industrial style is to find a balance between rawness and warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere but with an urban and stripped down feel.