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Interior design and equipment: renovate your bathroom effectively

11 November, 2021 · Blog · Tags: ,

At Grupo Inventia we have extensive experience in bathroom renovations. It is a vital space in a home and must always offer the best benefits. Being specialists in total and partial home renovations, bathroom renovation projects are in our day to day.

Within our team of professionals we combine the two aspects necessary to conclude a bathroom renovation with an indisputable success. First, our interior design department is in charge of making the new bathroom design. This is done based on the tastes and needs of each client and must have their approval.

From there, our work team is responsible for making it a reality. Our offer is wide and we work with proven brands in the market. In the same way we adapt to your budget without sacrificing the best quality. In the following video we explain how simple a bathroom renovation is with Grupo Inventia.

Current bathroom interior design

While our experience and versatility allows us to adapt to any decorative style, there is one that is currently booming. It is a contemporary style interior design that aims to achieve bright and spacious spaces visually. Entrance of the ideal features for a bathroom.

To achieve this, elements in neutral tones are used. These are indicated to allow light to circulate freely throughout the bathroom. In turn you get a perfect atmosphere for this stay. Since it is a space for daily use, it must reflect a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

With all these premises, the most common thing is to tile the walls with neutral colored tiles. In this bathroom interior design, the ones indicated are white, beige or these combined with soft shades of gray, for example. Depending on the needs you can opt for a medium height tile or a full tile. In the first case, the color with which the rest of the wall is painted must be in accordance with the overall image.

Functional toilets

In addition to an image in accordance with the above, a modern interior design bathroom must have toilets in accordance with it. The whole bathroom must express functionality. A feeling of being ready to offer the best features in use at all times.

reforma baño

Making the most of the space is very important and the sink will favor it. The new sink can have the style you like best at home case. It can be countertop, large breast, double breast, etc. Since our stock of materials is large it will be very easy to find the one that best fits the interior design that is applied.

With this sanitary piece, its lower part must be used to place storage capacity. Being able to effectively organize all hygiene and bathroom products also falls into this concept of contemporary and modern interior design. In this way you can opt for a piece of furniture with two large drawers or cabinets.

Sanitary design

The sink we have talked about will be accompanied by other pieces that make up the key equipment of a bathroom. This is the case of the toilet, from which we can also opt for different proposals. A classic image toilet will be a perfect choice, although if you have enough space we have other interesting options.

In this sense a floating toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall helps to generate this modern image in the bathroom. In addition it will allow to generate a greater visual space in all the stay. While it is a less and less requested piece, this toilet can be accompanied by a bidet. It is recommended that you both keep the same design line.

reformas integrales barcelona

The normal thing in a bathroom of modern and contemporary interior design is that a shower tray is installed. For some time now, this sanitary element has become popular and has won the game of the traditional bathtub, although it is still used. One detail to keep in mind in the shower is to use transparent partitions as an enclosure. This avoids unnecessary stains and above all does not reduce visual space to the whole bathroom.

Interior design and bathroom renovation

In this text we have set out the key ideas for a modern and contemporary interior design bathroom. From there you can bet on different options so that everything is to your liking. You can consult any type of information by calling 93 209 97 17. You can also request a bathroom renovation quote that we will give you free of charge and without obligation.