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Interior design and furniture in Barcelona: Selva de Mar street

A few days ago we finished a new house renovation in Barcelona. Specifically, in a flat on Selva de Mar street. A complete work in which we have applied a new interior design to each space of the home. We have also renovated two key rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom.

In addition to a personalized and tailored renovation project, we also offer a furniture service. This way you can start enjoying your home from day one. Our floor furnishing service includes several options. From family flats to flats intended for rental.

Thanks to our versatility as an interior design company, we can adapt to all types of decorative styles. In the furniture department, we work with reliable suppliers and can make custom-made furniture for all spaces in the house. In this apartment in Selva de Mar in Barcelona we have furnished the living room, the dining room and the master bedroom.

Living room and dining room furniture

We have fully furnished the main space of this floor. This joins the dining room and living room areas. It is a loft-type concept in which two spaces coexist that complement each other very well. In the dining area we have placed a round wooden table with four gray chairs.

This space is multifunctional, since the table can also be used for work or other tasks. It is located in a space that has direct natural light and turns it into a very pleasant area. Near the dining room we find the living room area which we have also been responsible for furnishing.

We have placed a sofa with capacity for several people that offers excellent comfort. The area is perfect both for moments of rest and for socializing with family and friends. On the opposite wall we have placed a piece of furniture for the television that also offers storage capacity.

In the upper part we have also placed a closed shelf that expands the storage capacity in the living room. It is a practical piece of furniture that does not take up any visual space in the room. Another novelty in the furniture is found in the kitchen bar. There we have enabled two white stools with which we get a perfect breakfast area.

Furnished bedroom

Another of the spaces that we have been responsible for fully furnishing is the master bedroom. Now it is ready to offer the best comfort with furniture that fits perfectly in a contemporary style. Thanks to the new furniture, the owners can enjoy their own space in which to rest.

We have assembled a double leg with a custom-made headboard. At each of its ends are the bedside tables. They have a support surface and several drawers. It has wooden finishes that integrate perfectly into a design with white walls and parquet flooring.

In addition, the master bedroom enjoys a large entrance of natural light. It generates a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere, ideal characteristics for a bedroom. The furniture is completed with a built-in wardrobe to which we have changed the doors. Now it has wooden finishes to match the rest of the furniture.

Interior design project

At Grupo Inventia we offer you an interior design project based on your tastes and needs. We adapt 100% to your style to offer you the best options. We can also complete it with custom-made furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, halls and any other space in your home. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your budget without obligation.