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Interior design and furniture for a functional bedroom

28 June, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

Carrying out the home renovations involves a series of previous works for each and every one of the spaces to be renovated. One of them is the bedrooms, rooms designed to accommodate our rest and to have our own space. To achieve this, it is not enough to just paint the walls and redistribute the furniture. The interior design of the bedroom needs some prior work and knowing exactly what the owner needs.

The home renovations that we carry out in Grupo Inventia are usually framed in a contemporary interior design. In it, neutral and welcoming tones are the protagonists in the new image of the home. As we will mention later, they are ideal shades for homes that want to renew their interior design. They are ideal for a print a modern image.

reforma integral
Renovated bedroom in image and furniture | Grupo Inventia

In the same way in Grupo Inventia we are a versatile house renovation company and we adapt to all decorative styles. We adjust to the available budget offering the best solutions and without sacrificing the best qualities. We also have experienced interior designers who make 3D renderings so you can see what the final result will be before the start of the works.

Cozy interior design

One of the premises when starting a project that involves improving the interior design of the bedrooms is that it must be cozy. Work on creating a unique and personal space with finishes that favor rest. From there you work based on the tastes and needs of each client and applying the interior design you want. If we focus on a bedroom of contemporary interior design we shuffle several options in the new color of the walls.

Shades like beige, gray or classic white will be in the TOP 3 colors. These types of finishes favor to generate a bright and visually spacious bedroom. Definitely two key features to achieve a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

All this is further enhanced if the room has a good entry of natural light. These colors will help the light to spread throughout the space and always present a correct image. In the same way that they can be combined with different styles of furniture and other finishes such as the plinths and the pavement, another point to consider.

reforma integral
Bedroom with wooden headboard and bathroom | Grupo Inventia

Contemporary bedroom

One of the most popular options in the new bedroom interior design is beige in its different shades. An advantage is that you can opt for different finishes to accompany it. For the pavement there will be several options, although if we want a bedroom of contemporary design the parquet floor is a safe bet.

In our extensive catalog of parquet floors you can find the one that best fits you easily. We have natural parquet, a variety of laminate parquet flooring and it is imitation parquet ceramic flooring. Whatever your choice with the wood finish will create an intimate and warm atmosphere in your new bedroom.

You will also need to choose the doors and sockets that best fit the new image. Continue with the wood finish or generate a nice contrast with white pieces? In Grupo Inventia we have multiple options. In the same way that we can take care of the assembly and placement of the new furniture.

Bedroom furniture

reforma integral
Assembly and placement of new furniture in the bedroom | Grupo Inventia

Another of the house renovation services we offer is the option to furnish both the entire home and the bedrooms in particular. Our offer is varied and our professionals are in charge of assembling and placing the new furniture. If your desire is to move in once the renovation work is completed, this is your best option.

Furniture plays a key role in the new interior design of the bedroom. They are pieces designed to last a few years and therefore must be in tune with the overall image. For a contemporary style bedroom, furniture in wood or matte white finishes is a highly recommended option.

As for what furniture can not be missing in your bedroom, we will answer. The bed is the main axis of the new distribution and it must be accompanied by a pair of bedside tables. A wall cabinet is also essential, as having storage space is essential. At this point a sofa bed can be a good extra for arranging bedding.

Interior design company in Barcelona

In this way we have exposed some points to take into account when renovating and improving the image of a bedroom. Our interior design company will accompany you throughout the process and you will always receive personalized advice. In addition to carrying out interior design projects in Barcelona, we also moved to nearby municipalities such as Sabadell, Badalona, the Maresme area, etc.

We prepare your budget without any commitment or clause, you decide to start the renovation and interior design project knowing all its details. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will assist you to make an appointment to visit the house to renovate without any cost or commitment.