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Interior design and renovation project on London street in Barcelona

New interior design and renovation project completed in Barcelona. This time we have renewed both the image and the equipment of a house located on London street. In addition to the classic work in a house renovation project, we have also taken care of furnishing your rooms. In this way the section on interior design is completely complete.

Now this home in Barcelona is ready to offer the best services from day one. At the renovations company Grupo Inventia, we take care of customized and tailor-made projects. You can request yours by calling 93 209 97 17 and one of our experts will personally assist you. When we have the project ready with plans and 3D renderings, we will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.

In the following video we present the general finishes of the interior design and the renovation in this floor of London street in Barcelona. You can see more completed projects on our social networks. Follow us and know all the renovation services we offer at Grupo Inventia.

Interior design and furniture

As we have mentioned in this project of renovation in Barcelona we have improved the interior design of all the spaces of the house. We have also fully furnished spaces such as the livingroom, dining room and bedrooms. Our home furnishing service allows us to offer the best options for all the furniture in the house.

As for the new image, it has opted for a contemporary interior design with neutral tones. In this way, very bright and spacious spaces have been achieved. The walls have been painted beige and have been perfectly combined with other elements. Among them the original volta catalana roof that has been restored or the new hydraulic style pavement.

Our interior designers in Barcelona have projected a homogeneous image in which modern and original elements have been integrated. For its part in the bedrooms has followed the decorative line of the rest of the house. They have also been furnished with a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. In general, perfect spaces for rest.

Open kitchen renovation

A complete kitchen renovation has been carried out. In this case it has gone from a separate kitchen to an open kitchen to the livingroom. On the open side is a kitchen island that serves as a dining area. It also offers a large support and work surface and is where the sink is located.

On the left side, glued to the wall, the main kitchen furniture has been installed. It has a section of countertop that expands the support surface and also with a glass ceramic plate. Both the top and bottom have storage capacity and the microwave and oven have been integrated respectively. The refrigerator is integrated and camouflaged by the cabinet doors at the far right of the kitchen.

This kitchen renovation in Barcelona is presented with plain and white panels. Being an open space, the image of the kitchen furniture must connect with the rest of the interior design. In this case it has been achieved without difficulties, as our offer in kitchens is very wide and with a wide variety of proposals.

Bathroom renovation

Other spaces that have been improved in this interior design and renovation project are the bathrooms. In both cases the same decoration and equipment has been followed. The aim of this type of bathroom renovation is to provide the spaces with a lot of functionality and that they are ready to offer the best services.

A floating sink has been installed with a storage cabinet at the bottom. In this way the hygiene and bath products can be organized correctly without the need to place shelves. The bathrooms also have a new classic style toilet with a cistern on the back. At the bottom is the water area. In both cases, a shower tray is protected by a sliding door screen.

For the new interior design of bathrooms, the walls have been tiled with white meter-type tiles. The rest of the free wall has been painted in the same tone. Thus the hygiene spaces are presented in a modern image that generates light. The new pavement on the other hand is a tiled floor with hydraulic type designs.

Budget interior design and renovation

In Grupo Inventia we prepare your interior design and renovation project in a few days and in a personalized way. We show you an approximation of the final result before the works begin. All based on your tastes and needs and without any commitment. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or via WhatsApp.