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Interior design in open spaces

23 March, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As a company specializing in house renovations we find a wide variety of needs and aesthetic tastes for the home. The owners who come to Grupo Inventia to renovate their home present their ideas to us and we translate them into an interior design project. Although it is often said that “for tastes, colors” there is a tendency to opt for open spaces.

Currently, organizing a home for individual stays is usually left as a second option. Today, more people opt for an interior design than for several spaces in the house. For example, open the kitchen or connect the livingroom with the dining room. We have even created open concept bathrooms in bedroom suites.

That is why we are going to comment on some aspects to take into account when creating an interior design project for open spaces. Before we want to share a video in which we show how we approach the house renovations in Grupo Inventia. Also, as our department of interior design in Barcelona, it prepares personalized projects tailored to each client.

Natural light and amplitude

When it comes to opting for an open interior design, we are opting for large spaces both physically and visually. We will achieve our goal by carrying out wall demolition work, although we will have to pay attention to other details. One of the most important is to generate good light.

reforma cocina abierta

In this aspect, you should make the most of natural light from the outside. Using an interior design with neutral colors we will get this light to extend to each corner and the spaces generate a greater feeling of spaciousness. In this way it is very important to establish that you really want to bring your new interior design so that professionals can offer you the best solution.

Colors in an open interior design

Related to the previous point we are in the choice of colors. For our home to transmit breadth and brightness, we must opt for those shades that enhance these aspects. The most common is to choose a design in a contemporary, minimalist or Mediterranean style. They work with neutral colors that provide breadth, brightness and, also important in any home, warmth.

In this way we will have to opt for white, beige, soft shades of gray or similar paints. Obviously this is not at odds with adding a more dynamic touch of color or using another color on a particular wall. In the same way we will also have to combine the furniture, although in this aspect the market is wide and we will be able to find those that fit our style.

reforma integral

Interior design in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia offers a wide variety of services for house renovations. Among them, our department of interior design in Barcelona will translate into a project with 3D renderings how you want your new home to be. We deliver it to you without costs or commitment and you can request it by calling 93 209 97 17 or by filling out this form.