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Interior design in small spaces

12 April, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

That our house has spacious and very bright rooms is ideal to have the ideal atmosphere in a home. However it is not always possible and we find rooms of reduced size or open areas with several rooms in the same space. In the second case, applying the right interior design will be essential to feel comfortable.

In the house renovations company Grupo Inventia we realize projects of all type. Large homes or small apartments. In both cases our department of interior design in Barcelona is responsible for offering the best solutions to the needs of each client. To get closer to what was said at the beginning, we will present some ideas for a correct interior design in small spaces.


Neutral colors and natural light

The key to interior design in small spaces is to be able to generate brightness and spaciousness. In this way we will avoid a stressful situation and we will be able to enjoy our home to the fullest. In this case we will try to maximize natural light. This can be achieved by changing the key windows to get more light from the outside.

In the event that it cannot be done, we must consult which type of artificial lighting will be the most beneficial. Using a false ceiling we can install bull’s eye lights in the right places. In this way we will be able to illuminate the room in question and the visual space will not be affected as if the hanging lamps could do so.

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On the other hand we must choose very well the new color of our walls. There are different options that involve neutral shades such as beige or gray. However, there is no doubt that white will always be an effective choice. Using the color white in our interior design we will get the light to spread to all corners of our house.

Functional furniture

Obviously we will have to furnish our home. As these are small spaces, we will have to get it right in each piece and prioritize its functionality. It should be noted that this is not at odds with aesthetics, as the market offers a wide variety of options. For its position in Grupo Inventia we have a furniture service for your home and you can choose from a wide range of parts.

In this sense you can opt for sofa-beds, a very useful element when we have guests. Also, both in the livingroom and in the bedroom take advantage of the space to expand the storage capacity. For example, have a sofa or coffee table in the livingroom. With the advice of interior design professionals you will get what you need.

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Interior design in Barcelona

Our experts of interior design in Barcelona will listen to your needs and work on a project that meets all your expectations. To effectively visualize our interior design projects we make accurate 3D renderings with the final result. You can request yours by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this contact form. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.