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Interior design in white for the kitchen

6 April, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

Surely there are many, many of you who think that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and that it should always look the best. At Grupo Inventia we also consider it as such and elaborate kitchen renovation and interior design projects. Our renovation professionals and interior design experts work together to turn the initial idea of a project into a reality.

In addition to having a wide catalog of kitchen appliances, we also adapt to the interior design desired by our customers. Undoubtedly the kitchen is one of the rooms with greater possibilities in terms of image and combination in the finishes. In this case we will discuss the details to consider for a white kitchen.

reforma integral arenys de mar

White in the kitchen

At first glance it may seem that white is not the most suitable for a kitchen, but nothing could be further from the truth. Currently the market offers materials with better finishes and specific paints for the kitchen. The fear of stains or early dirt is completely dispelled.

We have already made several kitchen renovations in which the furniture is completely white. As for the image that is achieved is spectacular, as it generates a bright and spacious atmosphere. Given the daily use we make of the kitchen are two very welcome features. In the same way it can also be combined with another finish. Currently one of the most chosen options in the interior design of kitchens is to have the white bottom cabinet and the top cabinets in wood finish.

armarios blancos cocina

Kitchen interior design

Another of the advantages offered by a white kitchen is the multiple options when combining colors and finishes. For example we can opt for different options in terms of countertops. If the majority color in the kitchen is white, a black, beige or granite countertop, among others, fits perfectly with the overall image.

In the same way we will have to know how to combine the dashboard. The combination of white with black or gray is very visually pleasing, although we can also print a more moderate touch. A good option in this case are the meter type tiles. If they are white the image of the kitchen will be very homogeneous and pleasant, although as we have mentioned, darker shades also fit.

mueble cocina blanco

Kitchen interior design in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s department of interior design in Barcelona will draw up a comprehensive and custom kitchen renovation project tailored to your needs. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill in the contact form we have on the web with your details. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.