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Interior design and renovation project in Tiana

A new job adds to the list of completed projects in the renovations company Grupo Inventia. This time we have carried out an interior design and renovation project in a house located in the town of Tiana. In addition to carrying out interior design projects in Barcelona, we also moved to nearby towns.

In this project the interior designers of Grupo Inventia worked to get a renewed image of the house, but maintaining its essence. With the approved project, our work team made it a reality. In the following video we share the general finishes achieved in each stay. You can see more interior design and renovation projects on our Youtube channel.

Spacious and bright

At first the house had an image that needed improvement to be habitable and offer the best features. Based on the instructions of the owners, our team of interior design in Barcelona worked on a project that met their expectations. We have opted for a combination of styles. While neutral tones predominate throughout the house, there are several elements that give it a touch of rustic style.

That was precisely the intended interior design. In this way the white color is the protagonist in all the rooms. This is how the walls have been painted, achieving very bright and very spacious spaces visually. In each space of the house there is a very pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere. It also has large entrances of natural light, so they have taken full advantage and have been integrated into the new interior design.

Wood finishes

This immaculate white color of the walls has been combined with the warm personality that the wood transmits. Both the doors and windows and their frames are presented in strong shades of wood, offering a very natural image. This is the scheme followed with the beams in sight and on the steps of the interior stairs.

On the stairs the wood covers the edges of each step. The tiles have been kept on the counter foot and the original terrace on the steps. In addition to home renovations, we also have expert restorers. Several elements of this interior design project (stairs, beams, columns) are good proof of this.

That the floor was also made of wood was something that was planned in the interior design project. But a different tone has been used than the doors, for example. The new flooring of the livingroom, the bedrooms and the rest of the common spaces is a parquet floor in light shades of wood. In this way the prominence is taken by the complete set, the parquet floor is perfectly integrated into the overall image.

Interior design in Barcelona

Our team of interior design in Barcelona develops tailor-made projects based on the needs of each owner. We also adapt to any budget. If you think your home needs a makeover, here are the right professionals. You can request your interior design project by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this form which you will find on our website. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.