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Interior design to spring

3 April, 2017 · Blog

Salón colorido
Muebles blancos
Salón con luz natural
Mobiliario de colores

We are at the beginning of one of the seasons most uncertain. One day it’s hot, the next refresh… But what is clear is that the spring announces the arrival of good weather in which to enjoy our home will be much more enjoyable. Although for now we can not forget all the interior design to spring from the usual blankets and heating, as the temperature becomes much more enjoyable.

Once this is achieved, adjust the image touches our home properly to maximize, for example, natural light, the textile purposes, adding more colors in our rooms, etc. Therefore, we discuss some ideas we will be like kings with a perfect interior desing to spring.

Natural light

One of the first things we must promote in our house when it comes this time of year is the brightness. Now enjoy more daylight hours and must not impede his way. Therefore, it is highly recommended to place white curtains and little opaque, as well we have lit the house without the need to have the windows fully open.

The colors in the interior desing to spring

Natural light also allows us to introduce more colorful elements in the interior design of our home. From the sofa to the cloth covering the table, through small decorative elements that will earn much more presence and vitality will equip all rooms. In the latter, small plants like cacti are highly recommended.

In turn, in rooms such as bedrooms, we will be moving warm colors so grateful to winter. With interior design to spring we can choose to cover mattresses, as well as finer, more colorful to suit the temperature and continue to provide the ideal environment for the rest.

Interior design Grupo Inventia

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