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Interior renovation in Mallorca street in Barcelona

We have moved to a flat on Mallorca street to carry out a new interior renovation in Barcelona. As usual, a complete work to improve both the interior design aspects and the facilities and equipment. Now we have adapted this apartment to current needs and it is ready to offer the best services.

An interior renovation in Barcelona with the participation of all our departments. The team of interior designers in Barcelona has been in charge of making the plans and 3D renders and construction professionals have turned it into reality. All this with direct contact with the owners to discuss all the details.

Now, to enjoy the finishes of this interior renovation, we share the following video. If you follow us on social networks you will be able to know all our projects before, during and after they are finished. We update all our profiles daily with our own real photos and videos.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first spaces we find, as it is right at the entrance to the house. In this case it is an open kitchen and we have been responsible for redistributing it to achieve more mobility and a more functional location for its new elements. In this way, we used a U-shaped kitchen layout.

At the far left, the kitchen furniture has custom-made gaps to integrate various appliances. Specifically there are spaces for a fridge, an oven, a microwave and a washing machine. The first stretch of kitchen counter is then born, which is equipped with a single sink. It has storage space at the top and bottom, where we have integrated a dishwasher.

The counter turns to the left and a second counter equipped with the ceramic hob appears. It is accompanied by an extractor hood that is camouflaged in the upper cupboards. This kitchen renovation has a third counter on the left side. Expands the work support surface and also functions as a breakfast bar.

Functional bathroom

Now the cleaning space on this floor has new sanitary equipment and a new interior design. Both aspects are chosen according to current trends in terms of image and functionality. It is a completely improved bathroom that can be used at all times.

As new sanitary pieces, this bathroom has a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet with rounded lines and a floor-to-ceiling shower tray. To protect the water area we have placed a screen with transparent sliding doors. Other new elements in this bathroom renovation are the rectangular bathroom space and the electric towel rail.

For the new image of the bathroom, we opted to follow the overall line of the house. A contemporary style with neutral tones. In this way, we have taken care of tiling the walls with beige tiles. The tiles that make up the new pavement also have the same finish. In this sense, we have achieved a very pleasant and fresh space.

Modern image

In addition to the necessary kitchen and bathroom renovations, we have also taken on the task of applying a new interior design to all the spaces on this floor. Our interior renovations are characterized by offering a complete service, as we have all the necessary departments to carry out a comprehensive home renovation.

Based on the stated needs we have worked on the basis of contemporary interior design. Thanks to this, we have managed to generate very welcoming spaces with a greater sense of light and spaciousness. That’s why we’ve taken advantage of natural light and painted the walls with white paint.

In this way, the outside light can flow to every corner of the house and we have achieved a familiar and restful atmosphere in areas such as the living room or the bedrooms. These characteristics are also enhanced with the parquet floor that we have placed on the surface of the entire floor. So we also printed more warmth.

Interior renovation in Barcelona

If the time has come to renovate your home, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and ask for your no-obligation renovation budget. We undertake this type of work both in the city of Barcelona and in near municipalities such as Terrassa, Sant Cugat, Badalona, El Maresme and many more.