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Key elements for an open kitchen

16 February, 2022 · Blog · Tags:

As a specialized renovations company, we have set out to offer the best options for each space in the home to all our clients. In other words, at Grupo Inventia we move away from the concept of established reforms and we give each owner what he needs in his house. All this going through different aspects, from interior design to equipment and furniture installations.

One of the most requested spaces to carry out a partial renovations is the kitchen. Our experience and catalog of completed works places us at the forefront of the sector. The kitchen renovations that we offer are 100% personalized and respond to the needs of those interested in it.

reforma integral

Among all the demands that can be made in this regard, one of the most common is to generate an open kitchen. The concepts of visual amplitude in the home and having the different spaces connected are ideas that attract attention. It could be said that 8 out of 10 kitchens that we reform are open.

Advantages of an open kitchen

The concept of independent and closed kitchen is no longer something indisputable. Years ago it was too rare for a kitchen to be open to the living room, the dining room or another space. The idea that the fumes and odors generated in the kitchen spread to the rest of the house was inconceivable. However, the market has evolved to offer highly effective equipment against this.

Overcome this fear an open kitchen is a great idea for any kitchen. Both in small apartments and in large houses, this idea can be very beneficial for the interior image and design. From the outset, with an open-concept kitchen, it is possible to generate more visual space, an ideal detail in many of the apartments that we reform.

So that everything fits perfectly, our interior design and construction teams work together to conclude with the needs of the owners. In this way an open kitchen will be well integrated into the rest of the house. It is that she herself generates her own space without the need to be divided by a wall.

reforma de cocina

Indicated furniture

Following the above logic, the finish of the furniture must be consistent with the rest of the image of the home. Currently contemporary interior design with neutral tones is the most chosen. For this reason, a wardrobe finish in colors such as white or wood tones can fit in very well.

Beyond the image, which we take care of making it impeccable and homogeneous, we focus on functionality. The storage capacity in an open kitchen is very important and all the space must be used. For this reason it is key to place cabinets both in the lower and upper parts of the countertop.

In this way, all kinds of elements, utensils and small appliances can be stored and organized. Being in front of an open kitchen is important, since visual space should not be reduced with objects that can be stored and available when needed. A highly recommended practice for both open kitchens whether or not they have a kitchen island.

Modern image

reforma integral barcelona

If we focus on the interior design aspect, an open kitchen provides a modern image to the overall home. Our offer in kitchen design is very wide and varied to be able to adapt to all decorative styles. In general, kitchens with neutral finishes are the most chosen, since they offer the perfect image for a current home.

Among the most demanded options we have the combination between white and wood finishes for kitchen furniture. For countertops, gray, beige, white or black finishes are usually the winners. Even so, we have different countertops, both in colors and materials.

Kitchen renovation budget

Among all the possibilities that a kitchen renovation implies, the open concept is one of the trends in the sector. As we have seen, this idea offers many advantages both visually and practically. If a home has the necessary space, an open kitchen will always be one of the possibilities proposed in the project.

At Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector so that your kitchen, bathroom or total renovation will be perfect. You can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget. Once we have it ready, we will deliver it to you without any commitment.