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Key ideas for a boho decoration

17 October, 2023 · Blog

The world of interior design and interior decoration is in constant motion. Several trends emerge during the year to print very interesting novelties in the sector. Thanks to the globalization of the market, the concept of interior design is within everyone’s reach. As in other aspects of the home, there are many options and it will depend on our personal style to apply one or the other to our home.

One of the most colorful and increasingly requested is boho decoration. It is characterized by being a decorative style that conveys a lot of vitality. In addition to generating very pleasant and welcoming environments. Inside there are also different styles, from the most traditional boho to the boho chic decoration.

estilo boho salon

In general terms boho decoration, short for bohemian and hippie. His forte in interior design is that he combines ethnic, bohemian, vintage and natural elements to create those relaxed and eclectic environments we’ve already mentioned. To see how we can apply it in our home, we share several key ideas for decorating in boho style.

Earth colors and natural plants

The most predominant colors in boho decoration are earth tones. Among them we can choose between brown, green, ocher and gold tones. Once the base is established we can combine them with other vibrant colors such as turquoise, pink or orange. In this way we manage to apply an extra touch of energy and vitality.

dormitorio decoracion boho

Everything related to vegetation is a very important element in boho decoration. To achieve a boho style in the interior it is key to add indoor plants. Among them we can choose between plants such as succulents, ferns or cacti. It is a natural decorative element that will bring a lot of life to the spaces of our home. On the other hand, colorful ceramic pots or hanging baskets are also widely used in this interior design.

Crafts and textiles

Related to the last point, handmade elements and crafts are essential elements in boho decoration. Among the most common, we can opt for decorative elements such as woven baskets, paper lights, hand-painted ceramics or macramé. Thanks to it we will apply an authentic touch to the space we want to decorate.

Another detail in the boho style is to use textiles, a fundamental detail in this type of interior decoration. For this we can use pillows, carpets, blankets, curtains or tapestries. As for its image, the best options lead us to ethnic, floral and geometric patterns. In general boho textiles are soft and often have a worn look.

Boho furniture

The ideal furniture for boho decoration is usually a mix of styles. We can find that they fit perfectly from vintage and retro pieces to solid wood furniture. Other ideal elements are wicker and rattan, popular materials for making chairs and tables. Similarly, you can also opt for furniture with an aged look or restore old pieces.

decoracion boho salon

In general, the boho style is relaxed and eclectic, so I encourage you to be creative and customize your decor to your liking. Don’t be afraid to combine colors, patterns and textures in unusual ways. The key is to create a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.