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Kitchen and bathroom renovation in Barcelona: Pinar del Rio street

We have been in charge of completely improving a house located in Pinar del Rio street. As specialists in renovations in Barcelona, we offer a personalized and tailor-made service for each owner. On this occasion we have carried out the kitchen and bathroom renovation.

For this we have improved both the image and equipment of each space. Now these vital areas in a home respond perfectly to current needs. We share the finished kitchen and bathroom renovations in the following video. Follow us on social networks to know all our jobs.

Modern kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in its own room and has a well-defined space. We have been responsible for placing the new furniture in the kitchen and installing all the new appliances. This kitchen renovation in Barcelona is ready to offer the best performance in use.

Several appliances have been placed on the left side, all integrated into the kitchen furniture. Specifically a fridge, an oven and a microwave. In addition to them there is a lot of storage capacity with several drawers and cupboards. The right side of the kitchen renovation is occupied by a U-shaped worktop.

It is a large countertop that provides a lot of support and work surface. In the same way, a single sink and a glass ceramic plate have been installed on it. The section of worktop located further to the right functions as a breakfast bar. It also has storage capacity along the entire lower part. There we have also integrated another appliance such as the dishwasher.

We have applied a modern kitchen image. The furniture is black and is combined with natural wood finishes. On the other hand, the countertops are white and generate a lot of light. We have also taken care of laying the new kitchen floor. It is a wood imitation stoneware floor.

Functional bathroom renovation

We have also been responsible for applying improvements and updating the bathroom. Thanks to our offer in bathroom renovations, we can adapt to all types of needs with an adjusted and calculated budget in a personalized way. In addition, we work with trusted brands and can ensure excellent durability.

It is a modern bathroom equipped with three new sanitary ware. We have an oval design countertop sink. It rests on a piece of bathroom furniture that offers storage and organization capacity. Right next to it we have installed the new toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall.

For the water area, a shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door screens. It is a perfect option that offers functional use at all times. In addition, the screens work as a perfect protection to avoid splashes in the rest of the room.

Soft gray tiles have been chosen for the new bathroom design. We have tiled all the walls and we have achieved a fresh and pleasant environment. It is enhanced much more with the new bathroom floor, a ceramic floor that imitates parquet. We have also installed an electric towel dryer and placed a bathroom mirror over the toilet.

Budget renovation in Barcelona

We can help you improve your home with the latest news and at a very competitive price. We are specialists in house renovations and have a very varied catalog of possibilities. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your budget, we will give it to you without obligation.