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Kitchen renovation in Badalona

We have completed a new kitchen renovation. On this occasion we went to a house in the Passage Riu Mogent in the town of Badalona. We have taken it upon ourselves to improve all aspects of this very important space in a home. It now sports an image in line with current trends and is fully equipped.

In the same way that we offer our renovation services throughout the city of Barcelona, we also travel to nearby towns. So we can carry out kitchen renovations in Badalona, Terrassa, Gavà, Sant Cugat and a long list of others. Our team of professionals can travel as far as you need.

As with all the projects we are finalizing, we share the finishes of this kitchen renovation in Badalona in the following video. We invite you to follow our social networks, we update them daily with our own content. This way you can get a real idea of the improvements we could apply to your home.

Kitchen renovation in L

The kitchen is in its own room and independent from the rest of the house. It is a spacious kitchen that allows excellent mobility. It even has enough space to enable an office area with a table and chairs. To make the most of the available space, we have applied an L-shaped kitchen layout.

In this way each of the new kitchen elements is placed in the indicated place to offer more functionality. One of the outstanding improvements of this kitchen renovation in the expansion of storage capacity. Both at the bottom and top of the two counters there are several drawers and cupboards for storing food and kitchen products.

The counter on the right is equipped with a glass ceramic plate. The oven has been integrated in the lower kitchen cabinet and the microwave in the upper one. In addition, it offers a wide support and worked surface. The counter turns to the left and gives way to a second section that we have equipped with a double sink.

For its part, the refrigerator is integrated to the right of the entrance. In this case, we have used the available space between the gallery door and the wall. Thanks to details of this style we can generate more space in the overall kitchen.

Modern kitchen

In addition to implementing a new layout and installing new equipment, we have also improved the kitchen design. In this sense we have applied a decorative style in accordance with trends and that responds to contemporary design. Neutral tones are protagonists and with them we can achieve brighter and visually wider spaces.

We installed a white kitchen cabinet on both the bottom and top. First of all, it helps to spread the light evenly throughout the kitchen. It is combined with the two beige counters that receive direct light from the upper cabinets. Thus, the work surfaces are fully illuminated.

For the new flooring we have chosen a ceramic floor that imitates a light wood finish. Visually, it fits perfectly into the concept of contemporary kitchen. In addition, it is a resistant and durable surface. In other words, an ideal floor for a space that we use daily like the kitchen.

Kitchen renovation budget

These are the improvements we have applied to this kitchen renovation in Badalona. If you also want to renew any aspect of yours, request a quote without obligation. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and in a few days we will have your renovation project ready.