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Kitchen renovation in Barcelona: Francolí street

Among the services we offer to our company are kitchen renovations. We have carried out many projects both in Barcelona and the surrounding area and we have extensive experience. We offer a personalized service where we will advise you at all times to get the kitchen of your dreams.

This time we moved to Francolí street in Barcelona. Now the kitchen of this apartment is ready to offer the best features. The improvements made respond to current needs in both distribution and equipment. Thanks to our versatility we can adapt to all styles of kitchens.

We also work with trusted suppliers and proven brands in the market. Our goal is to be able to offer you reliability and durability in your kitchen renovation. We also adjust projects to your budget and maintain the same quality standards. Grupo Inventia kitchen renovations are suitable for all audiences.

New distribution

Initially, the kitchen is located in its own independent space. Thus, the boundaries are clearer and the improvements will be oriented exclusively to the kitchen space. We have a large kitchen that allows us to generate a lot of mobility and install the new elements in the optimal positions.

In this way the kitchen is L-shaped using a kitchen cabinet with two sections of countertop. It offers a lot of support and work surface. You can even accommodate small appliances such as a toaster or coffee maker. A longer sink has been integrated into the longer section. The ceramic hob is on the second counter and just below the oven has been integrated.

One of the improvements of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is the expansion of storage capacity. It now has several drawers and cabinets along the bottom of the two counters. Cabinets have also been placed on the top of the ceramic hob. The extractor hood is hidden and the microwave has also been integrated.

For its part, the refrigerator is integrated into the kitchen cabinet itself. It occupies its own space and generates a lot of ease when accessing it. In terms of equipment, this kitchen renovation has been highly productive. It now has all the elements you need to get used to the day-to-day needs.

Modern kitchen design

In addition to the installation of new appliances, the image of the kitchen has also been improved. That is why we have opted for a modern design that combines white and gray. The panels of the kitchen furniture are white and help to generate light and spaciousness in the kitchen. To make it comfortable to open, white handles have been placed.

For its part, the countertops are gray with a finish very close to the stone. It is a very elegant countertop style that fits perfectly in the style of a modern kitchen. The new flooring is presented in a soft shade of gray that very well defines the surface of the kitchen. In addition, it is a floor of resistant tiles that provides a lot of ease when it comes to maintenance.

The rest of the kitchen walls have been painted white and further enhance the visual breadth in the kitchen. They also allow light to flow easily to every corner. Another new detail of this kitchen renovation we see in the lighting of the counters, placed under the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we take care of everything so that your kitchen renovation in or around Barcelona is a real success. Our professionals will advise you at all times and you will have direct contact. You will receive daily information on the state of the kitchen renovation. In addition, we prepare your personalized budget for free and without obligation. To request it call us on 93 209 97 17.