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Kitchen renovation and bathroom in Sitges

A few days ago we finished a new kitchen renovation. In this occasion Grupo Inventia’s team moved to the town of Sitges to carry out the work. As you know, we carry out house renovations in both Barcelona and nearby cities.

Before commenting on the most interesting details of this new kitchen renovation, we want to share a video so that you can appreciate the general finishes of the rehabilitation work carried out.

Open kitchen

Although the kitchen occupies its own space, it is open, so access to the room is very practical. The kitchen is spacious and is distributed on two fronts, although the center has a kitchen island, thus achieving three zones.

At the end of the right side the new appliances were fitted, made up of an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator. Next there is a section of counter that has storage capacity both at the bottom, where the dishwasher was embedded, as well as the upper one. This board has a support surface and an indivual pool.

On the left side, several storage drawers and cabinets were installed and a desk designed to offer a wide area of support and work. In turn, at the bottom of it, a refrigerator was fitted. In this kitchen renovation, the available space was maximized.

Kitchen island

As we mentioned, a kitchen island was placed between the two fronts. On this the cooking plate was installed and a space was used to be used as a kitchen bar, obtaining a perfect area to perform any of the daily intakes.

In addition, the lower part of this cooking island also has several drawers, further expanding the storage capacity of the room.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom renovation was also carried out. In this the image was improved and a functional sanitary equipment installed and that offers the best benefits in its use.

With this, the bathroom has a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a protected shower with opaque glass screens.

Kitchen renovation Grupo Inventia

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