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Kitchen renovation in Bilbao street of Barcelona

In addition to completing house renovations, at Grupo Inventia we also carry out partial rehabilitation of high quality, such as the kitchen renovation that we concluded at Bilbao street of Barcelona.

It was a complete renovation of equipment and interior design, with which it was managed to provide the room with the best features. This can be seen in the following video, before commenting on the most outstanding details.

Kitchen distribution

The kitchen is located in an own space and is distributed on two fronts. In turn, it also has an office area, which was equipped with a table and chairs for several people. On the right side a L-shaped countertop was placed. This was equipped with a kitchen of six hobs and when it reaches the open part it becomes a kitchen bar that extends the surface of support and work.

At the end of the left side the appliances were fitted with a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next is an elongated countertop equipped with an individual sink. This kitchen area has several drawers and storage cabinets both in the lower part and in the upper part.

Kitchen design

The details in this kitchen renovation begin from the entrance, since it is accessed through a sliding door. As for colors, he opted for the white in the lower parts of the kitchen cabinet and the finished wood in the upper part. These are combined with the gray of the kitchen countertops, same color as the large part of the ground placed.

With a large entrance of natural light, the kitchen floor has a bright and broad visual appearance. In addition, the distribution of the elements makes it very functional and generates a space with a lot of mobility.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia, we have the professionals indicated so that your kitchen renovation is perfect. You can request your quote, we will deliver it together with your project for free and without obligation.