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Kitchen renovation in Castor street in Barcelona

We have completed a new kitchen renovation in Barcelona. This time we have moved to Castor street to carry out this partial renovation of housing. At Grupo Inventia we develop projects for both total renovation and a specific area of the flat. In this aspect the most requested are the bathrooms and kitchens renovations.

As for our facet in kitchen renovations in Barcelona we have the best experts to ensure a successful result. We also have a wide catalog of materials and finishes that allow us to adapt to any style and budget. The finishes of this new kitchen renovation in Barcelona are shared in the following video. You can see more work done on our Youtube channel.

Distribution and kitchen equipment

This kitchen renovation is located in a separate and independent room. Given its rectangular surface, a linear kitchen distribution has been chosen. At the far right, the appliances have been integrated. They consist of a fridge, oven and microwave with a stainless steel finish. Then an elongated countertop is born.

An integrated sink and a ceramic hob have been installed on it. It also offers a large support and work area. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation has been the expansion of storage capacity. It now has several drawers and cabinets in both the lower and upper countertops. The background space of the kitchen is larger. This has made it possible to place a table with several chairs.

Kitchen renovation design

In addition to the new equipment in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, improvements have also been made in terms of its interior design. Now the space looks more modern through neutral and current colors. The kitchen furniture is white and is combined with a light wood finish. This input allows natural light to extend to every corner of the space. A very bright and visually spacious kitchen has been achieved.

Using this type of neutral colors allows you to introduce more finishes in the kitchen renovation. We see them on the wall, with a wood finish or in the silver handles of drawers and cabinets. Another renovated element has been the pavement. A gray ceramic floor has been chosen. In the visual section it fits very well and it is also a very resistant surface.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we offer you a personalized and customized kitchen renovation project. Our specialists will advise you at all times so that the result of the work is what you want. To request your project and budget for kitchen renovation you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form on our website. We will deliver them to you free of charge and without any commitment.