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Kitchen renovation in Vilassar de Dalt

Grupo Inventia‘s team moved to the town of Vilassar de Dalt to carry out a complete kitchen renovation. The objective of this work was to provide the room for a new image and equipment, which was achieved with great satisfaction seeing the satisfaction generated. In general, a modern design was applied to this kitchen, improving both the kitchen furniture section and the appliances.

In this video you can see the results achieved in this new kitchen renovation. Before commenting on the details of the work, remember that Grupo Inventia acts both in Barcelona city and in localities in the neighborhood. If you need to renew your home, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kitchen distribution

The kitchen is located in a separate and independent room. The surface of this one is very generous, so it was chosen a distribution of kitchen in U. On the right side of the kitchen was where the furniture was placed composed of three sections of counter. At the start, they all offer a wide area of support and work. In addition, one of the countertops stands a few meters in the open part, generating a practical kitchen bar.

As for the equipment, the counter-top panel has a sink, located just below a window that allows a large entrance of natural light. For its part, a superb kitchen with five hobs was installed on the central counter. As it is a large space, the rest of the appliances were fitted into a kitchen cabinet located to the left of the entrance. These are made up of an oven, microwave and fridge.

Kitchen interior design

The image chosen for this kitchen renovation is the most modern one. Although neutral shades are used in the kitchen cabinet and in the closets anchored to the top of the counter on the right, the black color is the protagonist. So look at the countertops, and the bottom furniture of this kitchen. This is a fairest choice, since it delimits the area of the work area very well, but a very homogeneous image is achieved.

This is thanks to the work of interior design, in which it was known to combine the black color with other tonalities of the most correct. For example, the walls are white, creating a functional and modern effect. Another highlight is the pavement, for which he opted for tiles that mimic the finishes in wood. It is a very successful material, since its maintenance is simple and gives off a lovely image.

The best kitchen renovations

In Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals so that your kitchen renovation, or any room in the home, has everything you need. Ask for your quote along with your reform project and we will deliver it for free and without obligation.