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Kitchen renovation in Móra d’Ebre street in Barcelona

The Grupo Inventia team has been in charge of carrying out a new partial renovation in the city of Barcelona. For this occasion we have moved to a house located on the Móra d’Ebre street. There we have carried out a complete kitchen renovation. A job that has involved changes and improvements in the image and equipment of this livingroom for a home.

As a house renovation company rather than based in the sector, we also offer partial renovation services. In this sense, the most requested works are bathroom renovations, interior design projects or, as in this case, kitchen renovations. If you need to make any of them in your home, request your renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you without any commitment.

In the previous video we have presented the finishes of this new kitchen renovation in Barcelona. Now we will comment on the most outstanding details made by the Grupo Inventia team. In general, it has been possible to provide this kitchen with a modern image and a highly functional operation.

Kitchen on two fronts

The kitchen is located in a room of its own and large. Given its characteristics, work has been done to achieve a distribution that allows perfect mobility. Also that each new element is placed in an ideal place to ensure a practical and functional use. With all this this kitchen renovation is presented with a distribution on two fronts.

An L-shaped worktop has been placed on the left side. It guarantees a large support and work surface. A double-breasted sink has been placed in the longest section. The worktop twists to the right to make way for a second section. This is smaller, although perfect for installing the new ceramic hob accompanied by an extractor hood.

In the left area of the kitchen there is also a large storage capacity. Both drawers and cabinets have been arranged at the bottom and top. From now on it will be very easy to maintain order and organization in this renovated kitchen.

New furniture and appliances

In addition to the new furniture mentioned, in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona a new kitchen cabinet has also been placed on the right side. A large piece that provides greater storage capacity. In this case it has custom gaps to be able to integrate the new appliances.

Specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. For its part, the dishwasher can be integrated into the lower part of the furniture on the left side.

After this kitchen cabinet there is another section of countertop with cabinets in both the lower and upper area. A space that is destined to surface of support and of work extending the one that already offers the main worktop. It is also a good place to place small appliances like a coffee maker.

Kitchen interior design

As specialists in kitchen renovations in Barcelona we not only offer services in terms of new distribution and equipment. Our interior design department is in charge of applying the new image that the owners prefer. Based on your tastes and needs, this time you have worked on a kitchen design with neutral colors.

In this way it has been possible to generate a space of calm atmosphere, very bright and its visual amplitude has been enhanced. Most of the new kitchen furniture is white. This ensures that light flows properly throughout the space. The countertops are also white, as are the tiles with which the walls have been tiled.

Another color detail we see in the upper cabinets. They are made of smooth panel and a finish in medium wood tones has been chosen for them. On the other hand, the kitchen floor has also been renovated. Visually, we have opted for tiles with a soft gray finish. As for the practical, it is a durable surface that requires easy maintenance.

Kitchen renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we offer all the services necessary for your kitchen renovation to be a total success. We have a wide range of options in terms of furniture, appliances and all kinds of kitchen items. Our years of experience allow us to ensure a professional and personalized work to your tastes and needs.

To request your kitchen renovation budget is as simple as calling 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will attend to you personally and lay the groundwork for a first visit to the home. From there we will start working on your reform project. We will deliver it to you together with a detailed budget adjusted to your needs without any cost or commitment.