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Kitchen renovation projects in Barcelona

25 March, 2020 · Blog

In Grupo Inventia we have specialized departments in all rooms of the house, as well as professionals in the world of interior design. Of particular importance is the one of kitchen renovations in Barcelona, which offers a wide range of possibilities in both furniture and appliances.

Therefore our company of house renovations elaborates projects so much for the complete renovation of the house as for a specific stay as it is the kitchen. The following video shows some examples of the kitchen renovations we have made in both the city of Barcelona and in the surrounding areas.

Custom furniture

One of the advantages that Grupo Inventia offers in carrying out a kitchen renovation is that we have a wide range of possibilities for furniture. Thanks to this we can adapt to the distribution that each owner wants for his new kitchen. In turn, we can also create open kitchens thanks to our team.

For kitchen furniture finishes we also have an extensive catalog of possibilities. This allows us to offer all kinds of possibilities regarding the interior design of the room and to adapt to any decorative style. Because everything is to the taste and needs of the owners, our interior designers advise them in a personalized way.

cocinas barcelona

Top appliances

Home appliances are an essential part of every kitchen that comes with it. For this reason Grupo Inventia works with the best distributors and offers the possibility to equip the kitchen with top brand appliances. In our catalog you will find both the most essential and the most exclusive appliances.

presupuesto reformas cocina

Another important point in our kitchen renovations is the pavement. As with the other rooms of the house, we offer all types of floors for the kitchen. Practical pavements such as stoneware or more colorful as hydraulic type floors, through laminated hardwood floors, ideal for open kitchens.

Kitchen renovations in Barcelona

To request any information about our kitchen renovations in Barcelona, you can contact us directly by calling 93 209 97 17. You can request your quote, which we will deliver free of charge and without obligation.

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