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Kitchen renovation services in Barcelona

22 June, 2022 · Blog

One of the services we offer our renovations company is the change and improvement of the kitchen. It is a vital space in a home that needs a lot of care and attention. Years of experience have made us a company in the field of kitchen renovations in and around Barcelona.

So much so that we can make kitchen renovations in all sorts of situations. We can do them both in a total renovation of the house and in a partial renovation project. We take care of all the details of the process and show you all the possibilities for the new kitchen in an exclusive showroom.

We only work with brands and suppliers recognized in the market. We offer the best qualities and a result that lives up to expectations. All this adapting to your budget and needs, as we are a kitchen renovation company for all audiences and styles. We share some of our recent work in the following video.

Types of kitchens

One of the first steps in a kitchen renovation is to define the new layout, although it can also keep the original if it is to the liking of the owners. In any case, our professionals take care of adapting the kitchen to your taste and need. We always work on the basis of kitchens that allow mobility and are functional.

This factor is possible thanks to our wide variety of options. Our catalog of kitchen renovations is very extensive and it will be very easy for you to find the items you want in your new kitchen. Our kitchen renovation services include being able to adapt to your idea and offer alternatives that fit you.

reforma cocina mollet

For example, one of the most sought after options is to switch from a closed, independent kitchen to an open kitchen. Over the years we have professionalized the tools and methods of work. We can get a open kitchen in record time and with the best finishes. If you prefer to maintain a separate kitchen it can be done with the same effectiveness.

Kitchen furniture

Whatever your choice for the distribution of the new kitchen, the new furniture will be very important. Thanks to him we will be able to model the kitchen to obtain the distribution of kitchen that you like more. We work with a trusted supplier with our own showroom that you can visit accompanied by one of our interior design specialists.

In this way you will be able to see first hand the benefits offered by the kitchen furniture we are talking about in our office. You can also take ideas and make the combinations you deem appropriate to get the image that best fits you. In addition to having predetermined kitchen furniture, we can also make them to measure and with different finishes.

Today, the image of a kitchen renovation for a flat in Barcelona or a nearby house responds to contemporary design. These are kitchens with neutral finishes such as white, beige or wood finishes. The aim is to achieve an area that generates good sensations, brightness and spaciousness. As it is a space for daily use, it is essential that it offers the best features in image.

reformas de cocinas

Functional appliances

Another very important aspect in a kitchen renovation is the new appliances. In a modern kitchen, one of the requirements is that it be functional and provide facilities at all times. That’s why we take care of offering you the best options in home appliances. The oven, microwave and refrigerator can be classified as essential. Also the hob, either stove or ceramic hob.

In addition to these, we can equip your new kitchen with other appliances. Dishwasher, washing machine and even a wine bar. In previous visits we will show you real cases of kitchen renovations so you can see the potential they can have. Our goal is for you to enjoy your cooking from day one.

Kitchen renovation budget

reforma integral barcelona

Everything we have described is part of a personalized project that we deliver to you without any commitment. We also attach a kitchen renovation budget based on your needs. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.