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Linear kitchen renovation in Villarroel street in Barcelona

We have completed a new kitchen renovation project in Barcelona. It is a partial renovation of housing to improve one of the most important spaces. The kitchen is an area of daily use that must present the best conditions at all times. A modern and functional kitchen makes the difference in a home.

As a renovation company, we have everything necessary to improve and update every space in a home. We know that the kitchen is fundamental and we have a catalog that adapts to all needs. We personalize your project and adjust to your budget until you get the best kitchen for your home.

In the following video we share the result of this kitchen renovation in Villarroel street. A perfect result for a contemporary and functional home. Follow us on social networks to know all our projects first hand. We update with our own and real content every day.

Kitchen enclosure

It is a kitchen that occupies its own space and has been separated with glass walls. There is a half-height wall and from there we have placed some crystals. The access door is hinged and completely made of crystal. In this way, the kitchen is visually connected to the rest of the house.

This kitchen renovation has a modern image and a lot of personality. We have tiled the mid-height walls with subway-type white tiles. An element with which it is possible to generate greater brightness. It is accompanied by a new hydraulic style kitchen floor.

For its part, the kitchen furniture combines the white color in the lower part and the wooden finishes in the upper part. A personalized kitchen design that boosts vitality in a very functional space. In addition to the new image, we have worked on distribution, equipment and other improvements.

New appliances

As we mentioned, another of the improvements of this linear kitchen renovation is the installation of new electrical appliances. A single sink has been placed on the main worktop and a three-burner kitchen has been installed. It is accompanied by an extractor hood that is camouflaged in the kitchen cupboards.

We have taken advantage of the lower part to arrange custom-made holes in which we have placed the dishwasher and the oven. The latter is just below the cooking plate. This linear kitchen is accompanied by a storage space with a worktop and a shelf. A perfect area to place kitchen items and small appliances such as the microwave.

A custom-made space has also been created for the refrigerator to be integrated into the overall kitchen renovation. All household appliances have a stainless steel finish that integrates very well into the new image of the kitchen. In general, there is a modern and functional kitchen ready to be used from day one.

Kitchen renovation budget

We are in charge of your kitchen renovation in Barcelona and you are looking to improve its design and equipment. We have everything necessary for your kitchen to offer the best performance. We prepare a personalized and non-binding budget. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.