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Loft renovation in Torns street in Barcelona

We have finished a new projecto of house renovation in Barcelona. We have moved to Torns street to create a new home by improving all its aspects. It is a loft renovation in the Sants neighborhood, one of the most popular in the city. Tailor-made work according to the needs of the owners.

Our team of professionals has carried out improvements to both the interior image and the facilities of the home. Now this Barcelona loft is ready to offer the best benefits. We share the finishes in the following video that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel. To learn about all our renovations in Barcelona, follow us on social networks.

Contemporary interior design

For the new image of this home in Barcelona, we have opted for a contemporary interior design with neutral tones. The key in this loft renovation is to achieve cozy and warm spaces. In addition to enhancing sensations such as brightness and visual breadth. These are essential features in a home.

To achieve this we used neutral tones to paint the walls. In this way, we have painted the walls beige. It is a very pleasant shade that allows the light to flow evenly. The new white doors stand out against the beige, as does the kitchen furniture.

We have also applied this image to the bedrooms, creating cozy and ideal spaces for rest. In one, the exposed wooden beams that we have undertaken to restore stand out. For most of the pavement we have placed a hydraulic type floor in beige and gray tones.

Open kitchen

The new kitchen is open concept and has an L-shaped layout. On the right hand side is the main unit, with storage capacity below and above. It also has a worktop that is equipped with a glass-ceramic cooking plate and a single-bowl sink.

At the bottom of the counter is the built-in oven, just below the ceramic hob. On the other hand, we have integrated the microwave in the upper cupboards. In the lower area there is space for another appliance, specifically a dishwasher. Already on the left side we have placed another module of the kitchen furniture with a section of counter, a washing machine and the refrigerator. These are camouflaged by the kitchen cabinet doors themselves.

The kitchen renovation is open to the living room space, furnished with a multi-seater sofa. In addition, there is enough space to enable a table with chairs and generate a perfect and functional dining space.

Equipped bathroom

We have also taken care of the bathroom renovation. We have improved both the image section and the health equipment section. Now the cleaning space of this loft in Barcelona has a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. The latter consists of a shower tray protected by a screen with sliding doors.

We have tiled the walls at half height with white tiles, We have used green tiles for the shower walls. The rest have painted of the free walls beige, like the rest of the house. We also used the same floor for the bathroom. A hydraulically distilled floor that resists moisture very well and is easy to clean.

Loft renovation budget

If the time has come to renew some aspect of your home, contact us. We prepare a tailor-made renovation budget based on your needs. We deliver it to you without commitment with a detailed project. Call us at 93 209 97 17.