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Modern house with rustic style

20 January, 2016 · Blog

In the department of Grupo Inventia interiorism we like to keep up to date on everything related to the world of decoration and interior design for homes, because only then can we provide the best service to all those interior who come to our offices looking for a major refurbishment project for your home.

Typically, any owner want your house have the necessary equipment and beautifully decorated, mixing modernity with a decorative style as vintage or rustic. Just dedicate this post to talk about the past, how to achieve a modern sector but introducing some elements of the rustic style.

Neutral livingroom and wood

First we dedicate our attention to the livingroom, this room is ideal for our break as socializing with family or friends. From the outset, provided by neutral shades like white, beige or cream painted walls. These colors are recommended because combined with more natural light create a sense of spaciousness and light.

Got the first point, we must now seek warmth through the characteristic rustic style, and how could it be otherwise, the wood will be the main protagonist. Here we go for a parquet flooring and combine it with other wood elements such as table, chairs or sofa structure.

Equipped and cozy diningroom

Another of the rooms in which you can apply this combination of styles is the diningroom. It will follow the same pattern when the neutral colors to paint the walls, but in this case we can introduce new materials in the elements.

For example, the wood can accompany the iron chairs look worn something perfect to create this modern touches of rustic style.

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