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Modern interior design and furniture

9 September, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

As a versatile house renovation company, we have received many applications to renovate all types of homes. Within them there are different demands that affect the desired interior design globally. The years of experience we have in the sector allow us to adapt to all types of applications. We always offer the best options to all the needs expressed by the owners.

Among all the options offered by the current interior design sector, modern interior design is one of the most requested. Currently, when carrying out a house renovation, the aim is to achieve bright and visually spacious spaces. The goal is to move from an obsolete image to spaces that provide comfort and well-being.

For this reason we will set out several details to consider to achieve and enhance this modern interior design. In the same way we will comment on how we can combine it with successful furniture and that further enhances this feeling of luminosity and spaciousness. Before we start we share a video in which we show how easy it is to carry out a house renovation in Barcelona and its surroundings with Grupo Inventia.

Modern interior design in colors

When planning a modern interior design project, it is very important to establish the colors that we will use from the beginning. As we have mentioned this type of interior design is used to enhance features such as the brightness and spaciousness of the spaces. In this case the neutral tones are the most successful.

To do this we refer to colors such as white, beige or soft shades of gray. Combining them with a correct entry of natural light are the colors that will better enhance the characteristics of a modern interior design. These shades allow the light to expand to each corner of the rooms and generate a homogeneous image between them.

From the beginning we will get an ideal atmosphere in every space of the house. In the living room we will have an interior design suitable both for ourselves and for those moments in which we receive visits. On the other hand in the bedrooms we will create a perfect atmosphere for rest. Also to have a good concentration in our work space at home.

interiorismo barcelona

Pavement options

Colors play a key role in generating a modern interior design. There are also other elements that will help enhance it and one of them is the pavement. The floor of the house is another classic element to change in a house renovation. For that reason it influences with notoriety at the time of printing the modern interior design that is tried.

For a current image what fits best is the parquet flooring, either natural or synthetic. The catalog of parquet floors that we have in Grupo Inventia is wide and varied. The idea is that owners can choose from different options ranging from color to wood design. In the same way we also have other types of flooring for spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. For example, hydraulic or stoneware floors within the image of modern interior design that you want to implement.

Hit the furniture

Another of the services we offer in the renovation and interior design company Grupo Inventia is furniture. If the project requires a fully furnished to move in once the project is completed we can also do it. In this section we also have the advice of our department in interior design.

The key to the new furniture is to fit it into the overall image of the home. One of the advantages of this modern interior design is that it adapts to many decorative styles. Neutral colors in addition to generating very pleasant spaces also facilitate the tasks of furnishing. They accept very well the different shapes and finishes of the furniture.

reforma integral

If it is a complete house renovation in which everything is new, the ideal is to maintain a homogeneity in all aspects. In this way, in an interior design with neutral tones and wooden floors, the furniture of this same finish will fit from minute one. In some cases, such as dining tables or coffee tables, it is recommended that their surface be transparent. In this way the passage of light will not be cut off and that feeling of visual amplitude will be maintained.

Reforms and interior design in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia, each project of renovation and interior design is unique. We work based on the particular needs of each owner We have the right means and professionals to offer the best options to all of them. To request your most budget project you can call us at 93 209 97 17. In a few days we will have them available and we will deliver them to you for free and without any commitment.