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Neutral interior design in the bedroom

20 September, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

Grupo Inventia’s interior design department faces all kinds of challenges in every house renovation project. Each of our projects involves the development of an interior design project. Whether for both the spaces that make up the house and for one in particular.

In this way, the bedrooms are one of those spaces that are being renewed in a house renovation project. The versatility of our professionals allows us to adapt to all decorative styles. In this way it is very simple to offer the best options to the needs of each client who contacts us.

Our product catalog is very wide, varied and takes into account all budgets. The aim of our house renovations in Barcelona is to offer the best qualities and guarantee a good finish. In general, for the bedroom, an interior design is chosen in accordance with the overall image and that generates very specific sensations.

reforma integral
Neutral bedroom with workspace | Grupo Inventia

Space for rest

The bedroom is understood as a space of its own and must offer the best features for a proper rest. It is also a very personal place where it is necessary to print an image according to our tastes and style. To do this, we must work on the basis of an interior design that allows us to carry it out with the greatest ease.

Within a house renovation, all the elements of the new bedrooms must be chosen in accordance with these premises. Our interior design department will personally advise you when choosing the color of the walls or the new pavement. Also other issues such as lighting, windows and doors.

Bedroom in neutral tones

As we have mentioned the bedroom is one of the spaces that best reflects our tastes. In our career as a house renovation company we have worked with a wide variety of interior design. However the contemporary style bedroom is one of the most chosen for all the benefits it offers.

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Bedroom with custom headboard | Grupo Inventia

For this type of interior design, neutral tones are the main protagonists when painting the walls. These colors generate a warm and welcoming image, excellent features for a space such as bedrooms. In addition, they allow light to spread throughout the room and accept a variety of decorative styles.

While white is a safe bet there are other shades of color that fit with this idea for the neutral interior design in the bedroom. Soft shades of beige or gray will work perfectly in this bedroom class. These are very nice colors that generate the feeling of calm that is intended to apply in the bedroom.

New bedroom floor

In a work of house renovation it is of the most usual that it proceeds to a change of complete floor. Usually the new floors of the bedrooms coincide with those of other spaces such as the livingroom or hallway. In this way a much-needed homogeneity is generated in the overall image of the entire home.

For this type of bedroom an excellent choice is the parquet floor. Its wood finish contributes to the power of that cozy climate that will lead to an ideal bedroom for rest. In addition, the wooden image generates greater warmth in the environment, another advantage for bedrooms.

Likewise the market offers a wide variety of options in parquet floors. In addition to the natural, laminate flooring is also added. A sturdy, durable pavement with a very realistic image of wood. Other points in its favor are a lower cost than the natural one and the possibility to choose between different colors and wood designs in its finishes.

reforma integral
Bedroom furnished with natural light | Grupo Inventia

Essential furniture

In the company Grupo Inventia we also offer a personalized furniture service. We work with the best home furniture distributors and it is the best option if you want to start enjoying your new home from day one. In this plot our interior designers in Barcelona also advise you at the time of the election.

The new bedroom furniture has to be in line with the interior design you have chosen, the one that best reflects your personality. Based on the image and characteristics of a neutral design bedroom, wood-finished furniture is an excellent choice. Even so, as we have mentioned, it is an interior design that supports many types of decoration. Linear furniture, with metallic finish, glass elements, etc.

Regardless of the style of furniture you choose, there are a number of pieces that cannot be missed in a bedroom. Obviously the bed will be the main axis of the distribution. For her a good option is a sofa, as it achieves greater storage capacity in the bedroom.

Interior design for a bedroom

In this text we wanted to approximate several ideas and tips to all people interested in renovating their home and more specifically the bedrooms. To request any type of information, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. At Grupo Inventia we will deliver your project and budget free of charge and without obligation.