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New functional furniture in your home

25 November, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

In a renovation and interior design company you must be constantly updated. Every day the market in this sector surprises us with new proposals and it must be kept up to date. In this way we can offer our clients the best proposals in accordance with current trends. Among all the novelties, those in the furniture section are presented as the most moved and constantly updated.

For Grupo Inventia this is important and we have a department specialized in all types of furniture for any space in the home. This time we will focus on the functional furniture that some rooms in a home should have. With this adjective we refer to those pieces of furniture whose function is essential to enjoy a correct day to day.

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We are going to focus on a contemporary style interior design. It is an interior design of the most used when carrying out a house renovation or an interior design project. A wrapper based on neutral tones that is presented in bright and cozy spaces. It also accepts very well all kinds of decorative styles and finishes.

Functional furniture in the livingroom

The livingroom is the essential gathering area in every home. A multifunctional space that must offer the best benefits both in moments of rest and in those of meeting with family or friends. In short, it must be a comfortable space and that is achieved by having functional furniture.

As we have mentioned, a contemporary or modern interior design accepts multiple options when choosing furniture. In this sense, a well-defined and linear furniture will generate an atmosphere that is as relaxed as it is effective. A color like white will be perfect, although wood finishes are always an excellent option. They also contribute to generating greater warmth in the environment.

Among the functional furniture that we should have in a livingroom is the television cabinet. In addition to supporting one of the elements with the most presence in a home, it will also help us to generate greater storage capacity. Being able to maintain order and organization in the room is also important and should be taken into account.

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Furniture in kitchen and bathroom

Although in spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom the attention is usually focused on the design and the equipment, the furniture also becomes important. In both cases it will be determined by the chosen interior design, since in this case it is part of a set. Even so, there are details that we cannot forget and it must have functional furniture.

Both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the available storage capacity will be very important. These are spaces for daily use in which order and organization will be essential to guarantee the best performance. In this way they will be visually wide spaces free of objects that can hinder.

To have functional furniture in the kitchen, it is appropriate to take advantage of the lower and upper area of the worktop to place cabinets and drawers. As for the bathroom, the lower part of the sink can be used to place a chest of drawers. It is also helpful to anchor a closet to the wall based on the available space.

Furnished bedroom

Another space in which furniture is very important is the bedroom. Here we do have the quintessential rest area. That is why having functional furniture in the bedroom will be ideal to guarantee the best of breaks. For this, the combination of functionality and practicality should be sought.

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We can say that functional furniture in the bedroom will be that which allows us to have our clothes organized and ready at all times. There is no doubt that a wardrobe will cover this need, although it must also have space for those textiles that we will not use for a long period of time.

For this, a trundle bed is perfect for storing coats, blankets or the like. In the same way, you should also think about functional and practical furniture. Furniture such as the chest of drawers or bedside tables enter the scene. If we have enough space, they will be perfect elements that will cover daily needs.

Custom functional furniture

Our interior design department will advise you personally to offer you the best options for the furniture in your home. The experience and versatility of our professionals allows us to adapt to all decorative styles and all budgets. For these reasons, it will be very easy for you to have functional furniture in each space of your home.

To request your budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17. Once we have it ready, we will deliver it to you free of charge and without any kind of commitment. You can also use the WhatsApp icon that you will find in the upper right part of this website.