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New house renovation in Badalona

We have completed a new house renovation and we are going to share its details and improvements. On this occasion, our renovation team worked on the improvement of a flat located in the town of Badalona. It has been a complete renovation project with improvements in the interior design and the facilities.

Thanks to our catalog of materials we can adapt to all types of decorative styles and also budgets. Our renovation company is characterized by offering excellent qualities adjusted to the market price. In addition, our professionals will accompany you throughout the work process to respond to your requests and inform you of the day to day.

On this occasion we have turned this flat in Badalona into a real home. The house renovation has involved an interior design project with painting work and floor and door changes. Also the kitchen and two bathrooms renovation. We share the result in the following video that you can also see on our social networks.

New interior image

Within the house renovation in Badalona, it is necessary to establish what the new image of housing will be. On this occasion the demand refers to a contemporary interior design with neutral tones and wood finishes. One of the main objectives is to provide each space on the floor with warmth and well-being.

Our expert interior designers have been in charge of advising the owners when choosing the color of the paint or the new doors and flooring. We have painted all the walls white. This is the best option to get bright and visually spacious spaces.

In this way, pleasant and cozy environments are achieved in spaces such as the livingroom or the bedrooms. The new doors are white and generate a homogeneous and modern image. The new interior design of this floor is completed with a new parquet imitation ceramic floor in medium tones of wood.

L-shaped kitchen

The kitchen is accessed through a sliding glass door. With this technique, the kitchen is kept isolated, although it allows greater depth and visual space to be preserved. The surface of the complete kitchen is expanded and we have been able to apply the desired distribution. An L-shaped kitchen unit has been placed on the right side.

At the end is the fridge and then the worktop is born. The first section is very long and offers a large surface area for support and work. In addition, it is equipped with a vitroceramic plate. Both in the lower and upper part of the worktop there are cupboards for kitchen storage. They have been used to integrate the oven and the microwave respectively.

The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section equipped with a sink. In the lower part it has two storage drawers and a custom-made hole to integrate the dishwasher. There is even space for a gallery on the left side of the kitchen. It is a functional space and prepared to carry out laundry tasks.

Modern bathrooms

The two bathrooms in this flat in Badalona have also been completely renovated in terms of image and equipment. Like the rest of the house, we have applied a modern interior design with a focus on neutral tones. As it is a space for daily use, it is necessary that it generates a pleasant and fresh environment.

In both bathrooms, the walls have been completely tiled with azulejos in neutral tones, beige tiles have been used in the main bathroom, while in the toilet they are white and imitate the marble finish. The floors match and even the ceramic floor with wood finish on the rest of the floor has been kept.

As for the sanitary equipment, each of the bathroom renovations has a sink with storage, a toilet and, in the large bathroom, a water area. As details to take into account is that the two bathrooms are accessed by a sliding door and that a floating toilet has been installed in the toilet.

House renovation budget

If you want to renovate your home or part of it, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. Tell us what you need and we will be in charge of preparing a custom project offering you the best options for your new home. We will deliver it to you together with the detailed renovation budget without any obligation.