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New house renovation in Barcelona: Marià Cubí street

A new work of house renovation and restoration takes us to Marià Cubí street in Barcelona. We have been in charge of completely updating a home both in terms of image and equipment. Now this apartment meets all the requirements to be a functional home and offer the best features.

We share the improvements of this house renovation in Barcelona in the following video. As you can see, we have renovated all the spaces in the house. From the living room and bedrooms to the kitchen and bathroom. All this under a contemporary interior design that generates a very welcoming environment.

Kitchen on two fronts

In our renovation company, we have a department specialized in kitchen renovations. It is a vital space in all homes and we want to have everything you need. In addition, we offer professional and tailor-made advice throughout the construction process.

In this case the kitchen is located in the main hall and is distributed on two fronts. Each element is located in the indicated place to be functional to the maximum. In the same way, this kitchen distribution on two fronts guarantees excellent mobility. Each zone is intended for a specific function.

The refrigerator has been integrated into the far end of the right side and the main worktop has been placed immediately afterwards. We have equipped it with a glass ceramic plate and a single sink. In addition, it is elongated and offers an excellent support and work surface. This aspect is expanded with the wooden finishing worktop that we have placed on the left side.

The new kitchen furniture is white and offers ample storage capacity. In fact, we have integrated appliances in the lower parts of the countertops. On the right side the oven, just below the hob, and the dishwasher and on the left the washing machine.

Functional bathroom

We have also taken care of the bathroom renovation by applying a new interior design and installing a new sanitary equipment. Now this toilet space is ready to offer the best services both on a daily basis and in the most relaxed moments. Our professionals in bathroom renovations in Barcelona will accompany you in the process of selecting materials.

For this bathroom, a contemporary image has been chosen with neutral tones that generate brightness and spaciousness. In this sense, the walls have been tiled with beige tiles and a more intense beige tile floor has been laid. The new image is complemented by the natural wood finishes of the bathroom furniture.

This is one of the new toilets, a floating toilet with storage furniture in its lower part. It has two drawers that guarantee perfect organization for hygiene products. Right next to it we have installed the new toilet and in the background the shower tray. The water area is protected by screens with sliding doors.

Interior renovation

Our interior designers have been responsible for developing a custom interior design project for the owners of this flat in Barcelona. The whole set involved painting work, changing doors and windows, installing new flooring, reviewing the facilities, etc.

A project thought out in detail based on contemporary interior design that generates warm and welcoming environments. For the new color of the walls we have used white paint. We take advantage of the large entrances of natural light so that the whole floor breathes a natural and bright environment.

This aspect is enhanced much more with the new parquet floor that we have been responsible for installing. An ideal environment for rest in the bedrooms and very pleasant in the main living room. In this shared space, the exposed brick vaulted ceiling that we have taken care of to restore also stands out.

Your custom renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we are in charge of the entire process of your house renovation. We have everything you need to enjoy your new home from day one. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and request your budget without obligation.