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New house renovation in Barcelona: Valencia street

Intense week regarding the conclusion of projects of house renovation in Barcelona. A new completed work takes us to a house on Valencia street. Our teams have been responsible for improving and updating both the image and equipment of the entire home. Also complete in this renovations are the complete renovations of the kitchen and bathroom.

At Grupo Inventia we offer a personalized and tailor-made service so that you have everything you need in your new home. Our house renovation in Barcelona are known for their excellent finishes and the functionality we apply in homes. In the same way we also act in nearby localities.

In the previous video we have shown the result of this new house renovation in Barcelona. It now has an updated interior design and the key rooms offer a lot of functionality in its use. If you think it is time to carry out a renovation in your home, contact us. Request your quote by calling 93 209 97 17, we will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.

Interior design improvements

This renovation in Barcelona begins with the establishment of the new image that the house must have. For her, a contemporary style interior design has been chosen in which neutral tones predominate. In this way you can create very cozy spaces with a greater sense of spaciousness and brightness.

With the advice of our interior designers in Barcelona, the owners of the property have chosen to paint the walls white. It is the new look of spaces like the livingroom, the bedrooms and the rest of the house. It allows natural light to be distributed throughout the floor.

New white doors have also been installed. A homogeneous and modern image has been achieved. For the new flooring, a parquet floor in light shades of wood has been chosen. With these same finishes, the new plinths are also presented. With this detail the feeling of warmth in the home is multiplied.

Open kitchen renovation

The kitchen has also been modified based on criteria of modernity and functionality. It is an open kitchen renovation with an L-shaped distribution. When using each of its elements allows excellent mobility. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity. It now has several drawers and cabinets on both the top and bottom of the countertops.

At the far left, a custom-made hole has been arranged to place the refrigerator. Immediately afterwards, a section of worktop is born that is equipped with a glass-ceramic plate. Just below, the oven has been integrated, while the microwave has been built into the upper kitchen cabinets. The countertop twists to the right and gives way to a second section in which the sink has been placed.

With two countertops this kitchen renovation provides a large surface of support and work. All this is surrounded by white kitchen furniture that helps to enhance brightness and visual breadth. Being an open kitchen, it has been perfectly integrated into the new global image of the entire home.

Bathroom renovation

With this work of renovation in Barcelona, the image and equipment of the bathroom have also been improved. Following the general line of the project, work has been done on the basis of a contemporary design and a functional distribution. Our catalog of bathroom renovations is extensive and it is very easy to find what you need.

As for the new interior design of the bathroom, beige tiles have been used to tile the walls. In this case with a square shape and mosaic style. A tone very similar to that chosen for the tiles of the new pavement. Now the owners enjoy a cool and cozy bathroom. These are two important features in terms of comfort for a space of daily use.

The sanitary equipment of this bathroom has also been completely renovated. Specifically it has a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a new shower tray. As a detail, the water area is protected by transparent sliding door screens. In this way it fulfills its function without reducing visual space in the bathroom.

Budget of house renovation in Barcelona

This is the result of a new house renovation in Barcelona. If you are thinking that it is time to improve some aspect of your home in Grupo Inventia we are available for you. We develop customized and tailored projects and we deliver them to you without any commitment. To find out more about our work in Barcelona and neighborhoods, we invite you to follow us on social media.