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New house renovation in Casanova street in Barcelona

In the company of house renovations Grupo Inventia we have completed a new work of home renovation. We have moved to Casanova street in Barcelona to carry out interior design and room equipment. Like all our renovations, we have also done painting and changing pavements. Parquet flooring has been installed on the greater surface of the house.

All these improvements can be seen in the following video. Generally speaking, we have managed to generate bright and spacious rooms through neutral shades that create a very pleasant atmosphere.

Kitchen renovation

This is a U-shaped open plan kitchen. At the far end of the room, a custom-made fridge is provided for the fridge. This is followed by a stretch of countertop where the hob has been installed and the oven has been recessed just below. The countertop tilts to the right to give way to a new section that offers a support and work surface and is equipped with a sink.

To the right of the entrance is a breakfast bar, also perfect as an extra support surface. For the kitchen furniture has opted for a combination between white, bottom, and wood finish, upper cabinets. For the flooring, a stoneware floor has been chosen, a great option both visually and when performing maintenance.

Bathrooms renovation

In this house renovation in Barcelona we take care of renovating a main bathroom and a toilet. The latter has a sink with storage furniture and serves as an extra space for daily hygiene tasks. For its part, the main bathroom renovated its sanitary ware and now has a sink with built-in drawer, a toilet and a shower with sliding door bulkhead closures.

In both cases an interior design similar to my new image was used. We opted for a total tiled wall with gray tiles. The tiled tile has the same finish. Once this bathroom renovation is complete we can assure you that two very functional spaces have been prepared and ready to offer the best performance.

House renovations in Barcelona

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