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New house renovation in Castelldefels

The company of house renovation Grupo Inventia moved to the seaside town of Castelldefels to carry out a house renovation. In it we improve both the interior design of the property and equipment of its rooms, in addition to renewing all facilities. In general, the result offers spacious and bright presenting a warm and pleasant.

Kitchen renovation

It is a house divided into two, which has two kitchens. One of them is in an open space and for the disposal of its new elements we used a U-shaped distribution. On the right side you had to put a gap size refrigerator and then the first section above, that has on it only if a sink and a microwave built into the top. In the center was installed hob and oven, hob while the left side is open to the living room can be used as a support surface and a table.

The other kitchen is linear distribution. On the far left will place the refrigerator and the counter is equipped with a single sink and hob. This reform kitchen has cupboards and drawers for storage both in its top, which fits in the microwave as the bottom area where the oven is ready.

Bathrooms renovations

The property has two bathrooms, which used the same interior design and in which both have a very complete health facilities. The walls alicataron halfway beige tiled and painted white the rest. This, combined with a pavement tiles in gray tone, generates more feeling of spaciousness and light. In the other hand, the bathrooms have a sink with drawers built, a toilet and a shower screens protected by sliding doors.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

If you are looking for a house renovation that allows you to measure and extensive options, contact with Grupo Inventia. Advise on the first day and we will offer the best solutions to all your needs.