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New house renovation in Consell de Cent street

This same week we have completed a new work of house renovation in Barcelona. Our renovation team has moved to Consell de Cent street to completely renovate the image and equipment of the home in question. The result shows the good work of our interior design and construction teams.

Below we share a video in which we present the general finishes of this house renovation. To see more of the house renovations we have made to date you can visit our Youtube channel, there we share them all.

Renovated interior design

The image of the house has been completely renewed, although the original essence of the house has been maintained. For the new interior design of this house renovation, a contemporary design has been chosen in which neutral tones are the protagonists. In this way most of the walls have been painted white. A perfect color for natural light to expand to every corner of the house.

Another detail of this house renovation in Barcelona is the new pavement. To complete the renewed image in rooms such as the livingroom and bedrooms, a parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been placed. A hydraulic floor space has also been placed in the living area, marking the dining area. For its part, several original doors and windows have been kept, duly restored.

Kitchen renovation

The house renovation of this house in Consell de Cent street has also led to the complete renovation of the kitchen. It is an open kitchen and distributed through an L-shaped kitchen cabinet. At the far right are several appliances. These include a refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher.

Then a countertop equipped with the sink is born. The worktop twists to the right to make way for a second section. The glass ceramic plate was installed here. The lower and upper area of both is equipped with a large storage capacity. Already on the left side was placed a breakfast bar that also expands the support surface.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has also been renovated in image and equipment. The new interior design has followed the decorative line of house renovation. In this way, white and gray tiles have been used to completely tile the walls. In this way a fresh and cozy image space is achieved. All this is completed with a new gray stoneware floor.

Sanitary equipment has also been completely renovated. The washbasin has a bathroom cabinet with wood finishes. This way all bathroom products can be easily organized. To its door is a toilet and a shower tray. The latter is protected by a transparent sliding door bulkhead. Thanks to this, the room is protected and no visual space is reduced to the room.

House renovations in Barcelona

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