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New house renovation in Gran Via de Barcelona

A new complete renovation work takes us to the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes in Barcelona. We have taken it upon ourselves to carry out improvements both to the image and to the functionality of the home. Now this apartment offers a solution to all current needs. In addition, it does so surrounded by a contemporary and familiar design.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we can adapt to all kinds of requests. We take care of offering you the best options through our wide catalog of materials and finishes. Always together with advice from our interior designers in Barcelona and the foreman in charge of the project.

We share the results of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video. You can also find out about all our projects through our social networks. Follow us and get to know in detail how we work thanks to daily and real content. This way you can see first hand what improvements we can apply to your home.

Contemporary design

In one of the first steps in this new house renovation, we have defined the new interior image of all spaces. We have attended to the requests of the owners and worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. It is a style with prominence of neutral tones to generate bright and welcoming environments.

To achieve this we have taken it upon ourselves to paint the walls white. It’s a sure hit and with which the entrances of natural light are used to the maximum. Thanks to this, all spaces are properly lit and generate a very pleasant image. At the same time, we have also installed new white doors that contribute to creating a homogeneous atmosphere.

Another very important element in the interior design of this house renovation is the new flooring that we have laid. On this occasion, we have chosen a parquet floor in natural wood tones and applied it to both the living room and the bedrooms. It offers a very welcoming image that generates the perfect warmth for a home.

Functional bathrooms

We have also taken it upon ourselves to improve the two bathrooms that the house has. Thanks to our catalog for bathroom renovations, it has been a simple task to establish which sanitary elements would bring functionality. We applied the same interior design to the two cleaning spaces and installed very similar sanitary ware. Despite being different rooms, they are well connected by their style.

Now each of the bathrooms has a sink with built-in storage furniture. In this way we can guarantee a good organization of all hygiene products. It is followed by a toilet with classic lines with the cistern at the back. The trio of new sanitary pieces is completed by a protected shower tray with sliding door screens.

For the design section, we have followed in the footsteps of contemporary interior design. In this way we have tiled the walls with beige tiles. The two bathrooms are large and rectangular in shape. We also used beige tiles for the new bathroom floor. The image in both hygiene spaces is very fresh and pleasant.

Open kitchen

We have also taken on the task of kitchen renovation, a vital space in all homes. This time we opted for a kitchen with a correct and linear distribution. In this way, it offers perfect mobility and each element is located in the indicated place. The counter is elongated and equipped with a single-sinus sink and a glass-ceramic plate.

Another improvement in this kitchen in Barcelona is to expand the storage capacity. It has cupboards and drawers both in the lower and upper part of the counter. The white kitchen cabinet allows you to store and organize all kinds of kitchen items. Following in the wake of the overall neutral interior design, the white color of the furniture is combined with a low counter.

House renovation budget

For the your house renovation, we offer you a personalized and tailor-made project, always adjusted to your needs. We’ll give it to you without obligation along with a detailed remodeling quote that can be modified to find everything you need for your new home. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17.