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New house renovation in Mallorca street in Barcelona

We continue to complete house renovations in Barcelona, specifically on Mallorca street. A new improvement work that has involved both a renovation in the interior design of all spaces and in the equipment of key rooms. A house renovation that in general we have managed to print a current image and we have left it ready to offer the warmth of a home.

In Grupo Inventia we carry out house renovations in Barcelona and nearby towns. We adapt to all styles and budgets offering the best value for money. To request yours you can call us at 93 209 97 17, fill out this form and even through the Whatsaap icon. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation.

Contemporary interior design

For the new image of the house has opted for neutral tones. These allow you to make the most of natural light from the outside and create warm and welcoming spaces. Definitely two perfect features for a home. This has been the script in all spaces and the walls have been painted in a soft beige tone. This highlights other elements such as plinths and doors, for which the color white has been chosen.

Another aspect of the design that has been renewed in this house renovation in Barcelona is the pavement. This time a parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been chosen. This completes the desired contemporary style with a perfect pavement in the visual aspect and very resistant. All windows have also been renovated using aluminum carpentry and double glazing. The best way to thermally and acoustically insulate the spaces of the house.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is accessed through a sliding door and just to the right of the entrance we find the integrated refrigerator. For the new arrangement of its elements has opted for a U-shaped kitchen layout. In this way the entire space is very well used and allows a very functional mobility.

The oven and microwave have been built-in at the far left. Like the refrigerator they have a stainless steel finish. Next, a section of countertop is created for the support and work surface. The hob is located on the central worktop and the sink on the right side. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is that it has ample storage capacity. It has cabinets and drawers both at the bottom and top of the countertops.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has been another of the improved rooms in this house renovation. Like the rest of the house, both its image and its equipment have been renewed. In the first case, the general decorative line has been followed and the neutral colors have been maintained. The walls have been completely tiled with large beige tiles and a gray stoneware floor has been laid.

As for the sanitary equipment, a functional three-piece bathroom has been chosen. It is now ready to offer the best features. For the toilet, a cup with a hidden cistern has been chosen, an option that allows you to expand the visual space of the bathroom. The sink is large and has two large drawers for storage. The shower is flush with the floor and has a transparent static screen.

House renovation in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation project is unique and is carried out based on the needs of each owner. If you liked this work on Mallorca street we invite you to follow us on our Youtube channel. There you will be able to see the videos of all the house renovations in Barcelona and neighborhoods that we have carried out.