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New house renovation in Nàpols street of Barcelona

Full work of home renovation and finished leaving oven. Our team of house renovation has completed a new project at Nàpols street of Barcelona. After an interior design project based on the needs of the owners, our specialists came to this and this was the satisfactory result.

It is a house renovation in which we wanted to rejuvenate the appearance of the home by applying a contemporary style that allowed modernization of the image of all rooms. To do this, we have used white color tones to paint the walls, the perfect option to get natural light to expand in every corner of the house. We have also opted for a parquet flooring that provides great warmth to spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms.

Kitchen renovations in Barcelona

On this occasion, the kitchen is located in an independent room and is distributed in the form of L. At the far left there have been custom-made hollows to fit the appliances, specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next is a counter that offers a wide surface support and in which you can install a ceramic hob.

The counter torso to the right to make way for a second section, smaller but ideal to put the sink. This kitchen renovation also has a large storage capacity and both on the top and bottom of the counters are several cabinets and drawers.

Bathrooms renovation in Barcelona

In this work of house renovation in Barcelona, ​​two bathrooms had to be renewed. Both offer the best benefits and have a very complete sanitary equipment. It consists of a basin with storage furniture in its lower area, a toilet and a practical shower with sliding door screens.

Regarding the new interior design, in the two bathroom renovations the walls have been tiled with beige tiles, generating bright and cozy spaces. In turn, the color of the walls has been combined with a gray sandstone floor that rounds up a modern image and offers simplicity when it comes to maintenance.

House renovation in Barcelona

You can request your house renovation budget and we will deliver it for free and without any commitment. Before your decision, our experts will advise you personally and create a project tailored to your aesthetic and economic needs.