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New house renovation in Rosselló street

A new house renovation in Barcelona takes us to Rosselló street. We have been in charge of renovating and improving a flat. Now all living spaces offer the best response to current needs. The result of this house renovation is a functional home for all times.

An impeccable job thanks to the professionals of our renovation company. A project embodied in 3D renders by our interior designers in Barcelona and turned into reality thanks to the skill of our construction team. We are versatile and can adapt to all decorative styles.

The finished works of this renovation in Barcelona are shared in the following video. If you think it’s time to give your home a change, follow us on social networks and discover all our jobs. You can contact us at any time by calling 93 209 97 17.

Contemporary design

One of the first steps was to decide on the new image of this house in Barcelona. The main idea has been to go from a simple flat to achieving the atmosphere of a real home. It has opted for a contemporary interior design to create an environment with a greater sense of luminosity and spaciousness.

For this, it is best to use neutral shades that convey a calm and soothing image. They also allow natural light to spread to all corners of the house very easily. For this, the walls of the different spaces have been painted in balcon color. A homogeneous image has also been generated that is very pleasant for the global environment.

The new doors and baseboards throughout the floor are also white. Now the image is contemporary and modern, a necessary change to impress the home environment. Another element that contributes to this is the new pavement. It is a parquet floor in medium tones of wood. In addition to being a perfect complement to the new image, it also generates a greater sensation of warmth.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is open concept and has an L-shaped distribution. It is a kitchen reform that guarantees excellent mobility and that has all the elements placed in the best possible place. Thanks to the improvements we have made, this kitchen is presented as a functional space ready to be used every day.

The central part of the kitchen is occupied by a long worktop equipped with a sink and a glass ceramic hob. It also offers a small support and work surface. Both the bottom and top have storage capacity. In these areas, the oven and the microwave respectively have been integrated.

The kitchen furniture turns to the right and gives way to a second space. It is a custom-made space to be able to integrate the kitchen. All this in a piece of kitchen furniture that combines white and wooden finishes. An ideal combination to be in conjunction with the rest of the spaces in the house.

Functional bathrooms

Other spaces that have improved a lot with this renovation in Barcelona are the two bathrooms. As specialists in interior renovations, we have a very wide and varied catalog for new bathrooms. As we have done in these bathroom renovations, we can install all types of modern and functional furniture and sanitary ware.

Now each bathroom has a sink with built-in storage, a toilet and a water area. Protected shower trays with sliding door screens have been chosen for this last sanitary piece. The two hygiene spaces complement each other perfectly and offer the best features.

For the new bathroom design, the same idea has been used in both spaces. We have tiled the walls with beige tiles with a rectangular shape. As in the rest of the floor, it creates a cozy atmosphere that enhances the brightness. New tiles have also been placed on the floor. They have a brown tone and are made of a resistant and durable material.

Carry out a house renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the renovation and interior design sector. We work in a personalized way with each client so that the house renovation has exclusivity. In this way, we propose close work and daily contact so that your new home has everything you need.