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New house renovation in Sants

We have taken it upon ourselves to carry out a house renovation in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, specifically Torns street. The aim has been to give this flat a pleasant atmosphere and apply functional equipment. After the complete renovation is ready to offer the best benefits.

Thanks to the versatility of our professionals, we can adapt to all types of decorative styles. Nowadays, contemporary design is trending. By using neutral tones and very pleasant finishes, it creates a very versatile interior design. In addition, in this case it was the owners’ requirement, a functional floor that could adapt to different needs.

You can see the finishes of this renovation in Sants in the following video. To learn about other projects we have finished, we invite you to follow us on social networks. Every day we upload our own and real content. If you want to do the house renovation of your home, you can see first hand how we work.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open concept and is laid out in a U shape. Thanks to the new arrangement of all the elements, perfect mobility is generated throughout the area. At the same time, each component of this kitchen renovation is located in the indicated place to be more functional. It is a kitchen designed for all times of the day.

At the far right is the fridge, which is camouflaged by the doors of the white kitchen cabinet. Next, a section of kitchen counter is born that we have equipped with a single-sinus sink. Twist to the left and the main desk appears. It is equipped with a glass-ceramic plate and offers a wide support surface.

At the bottom and top there are drawers and cupboards for kitchen storage. We have also integrated the oven and the microwave, respectively. The right side is occupied by a kitchen bar that acts as a dining area. In this way, the kitchen renovation has resulted in a multifunctional and fully equipped area.

Modern and functional bathroom

We have also undertaken the bathroom renovation. Our goal has been to create a welcoming space that facilitates daily hygiene needs. The bathroom is a very used space in a home and must offer the best possible conditions. That’s why we have a very varied catalog of options for bathroom renovations.

On the right side we have installed a round design wash basin on a piece of furniture with two drawers for storage. In this way, we achieve that the hygiene products can be perfectly organized. We then installed the toilet, with classic lines and with the cistern placed at the back.

At the back of the room we have placed a shower tray protected by sliding door screens. All surrounded by a contemporary decoration with the presence of several neutral tones such as white, beige and green. Highlights include the mid-height tiled wall with white tiles and the hydraulic style floor.

New interior design

Another of the improvements of this renovation in Sants takes us to the new interior design of the whole house. We applied a contemporary design with the aim of obtaining cozy spaces where there was a feeling of home. In this sense, our team of interior designers in Barcelona has worked advising the owners at all times.

We have painted the walls beige, applying more warmth. It can be seen in the living room and dining room, in the hallway and in the two bedrooms. It also creates a nice contrast with the new white doors and the roof, painted in the same color. For lighting we have installed bull’s eye lights, very discreet and effective.

In addition to the new image, we have also taken care of furnishing the entire flat. In this regard, in the lounge area we have placed a comfortable sofa and a television anchored to the wall. The bedrooms have a bed, a large wardrobe and a desk as a work area.

House renovation budget

You can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without commitment. In a few days we will have it ready and deliver it to you with a project based on your needs.