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New house renovations in Pujol street of Barcelona

Our house renovations team has completed a new work on Pujol street in Barcelona. A house located on the same property as the one we discussed a few days ago and that you can see in the “projects” section of the website. This time it has also been a complete house renovation that has included improvements in image and equipment.

In turn, we have been responsible for the restoration of original elements. Later we will explain how we have maintained the original parquet floor. At the moment the finishes of this new house renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video. We update our social networks daily with new projects.

If you think that your home also needs an improvement in some aspect, you can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will draw up a personalized house renovation project and deliver it to you with your budget at no cost or commitment. You will also receive the advice of our professionals.

Renovated interior design

One of the first points in this house renovation project is to improve the interior design of the entire home. To do this, our interior design department has been responsible for developing a project based on the tastes and needs of the owners. This time we have worked on the basis of a contemporary and contemporary style design.

Most of the walls have been painted white. In this way, the natural light that comes from the outside has been made the most of. With this new interior design, the light spreads to all corners of the house. It creates a very cool and pleasant atmosphere, in addition to greater visual breadth. Very grateful features in any home.

For its part, the original floors have been maintained and restoration work has been carried out on them. The original parquet floor has been polished and waxed in the livingroom. In this way an image with a lot of personality is maintained and it fits perfectly with the new global design. For its part in the bedrooms has proceeded in the same way with the original terrazzo floor.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen, essential in a home, has also been completely renovated in image and equipment. It is located in its own room and has a rectangular surface. Given these characteristics, we have opted for an L-shaped kitchen distribution. At the far right, a custom-made space has been provided to integrate the refrigerator.

From there an elongated gray countertop is born, generating a nice contrast with the white kitchen furniture. The worktop provides a large support and work surface. It is also equipped with a single sink and a ceramic hob. Both the bottom and top have drawers and storage cabinets. Similarly, the oven and the microwave have been integrated in these areas, respectively.

Another of the improvements of this kitchen renovation we see in the image. It now has white furniture that generates light and spaciousness. The floor has also been renovated and gray stoneware tiles have been laid. It is a resistant floor that provides greater resistance to this functional kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is another space that has been improved in this house renovation in Barcelona. It has followed the decorative line of the whole house and neutral tones have been used for its new decoration. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles, the same color as the floor tiles.

For its part, the sanitary equipment has also been renewed, opting for a functional three-piece bathroom. It now has a sink that has two drawers for storage. This way it is very easy to maintain a correct organization in the bathroom. The sink is accompanied by a new toilet with modern lines and a classic image with the cistern on the back.

Finally we have the water area, in which the space for the bathtub has been maintained. In this case, the bathtub has been renovated and has created a perfect space both for the demands of everyday life and for the most relaxed moments. In general, a very functional bathroom has been achieved with elements that guarantee the best performance.

House renovation in Barcelona

This is one of the many house renovations we are finalizing in July. In addition, our activity does not stop, as our professionals are active throughout the month of August. If you are interested in renovating any part of your home, call us at 93 209 97 17 or write to You will have your project and personalized budget without any commitment a few days later.