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New interior design for the bathroom

7 August, 2020 · Blog · Tags:

A bathroom renovation goes far beyond changing sanitary equipment. In the company Grupo Inventia we know this well, because we have a department specialized in renovations of this room. And in any renovation in addition to the sanitary parts the new interior design for the bathroom must be worked.

Our team of interior designers in Barcelona develops tailor-made projects for each client. Each job is based on the needs and budget of the stakeholders. In these projects the new interior design is presented in the form of 3D rendering, so you can see what the final result will be before starting any work.

This time we will discuss some ideas for the new interior design for the bathroom. Before we share a video in which we tell you how we work and how you can request your bathroom renovation budget. As you can see it is very simple and we deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.

Modern bathroom

One of the main demands when renewing the interior design of a bathroom is to rejuvenate its image. In Grupo Inventia we have an extensive catalog of materials and finishes for the bathroom. It allows us to offer the best and adapt to any decorative style. The modern concept bathroom is one of the most requested.

We find the idea of a bright and spacious space. The bathroom is a space for daily use and its interior design should offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. To do this, one of the most used options is to tile the walls with tiles that expand the brightness. Metro type tiles are an excellent choice both visually and practically.

baño con bañera

With them you get a modern image interior design and in turn require very simple maintenance. Its flat surface can be cleaned without any problems. The white ones are the most in demand, but they can also be combined. For example we can put blue meter type tiles on the shower wall.

Wood finishes

The idea of a bathroom with a modern interior design transports us to a space of neutral colors and with a very pleasant atmosphere. This is precisely why other types of finishes can be introduced. In our interior design department in Barcelona we have an extensive catalog of bathroom furniture.

This is where we must take the opportunity to play with the new image of the bathroom. One of the most common cases is to place a bathroom cabinet with wood finishes. Depending on the interior design of the bathroom we can choose between different shades of wood or keep the same color of the tiles placed.

reformas integrales barcelona

Another point that will bring color and modernity to the new interior design of our bathroom will be the floor. For this aspect we have endless possibilities. From a classic stoneware floor to hydraulic floors with a lot of personality. Although following the wood finishes, currently ceramic floors that mimic wood are very fashionable.

Interior design in Barcelona

As we have already mentioned, our team of interior designers in Barcelona has the necessary experience to provide you with the renovation project you want. Our range of materials and finishes for the new interior design of your bathroom is very wide and you will get it to look the way you want.

To request your interior design project in Barcelona, either for the bathroom or for any room in your home, you can contact us without any commitment. You have at your disposal our telephone number 93 209 97 17 and you can also fill in the form that you will find on our website.