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New kitchen renovation in Badalona

A few days ago we finished a new project of renovation in Badalona, specifically on Passeig Riu Llobregat. It is a complete kitchen renovation with improvements to the image and equipment. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and we have a specialized department.

Our professionals advise you at all times so that you can have the kitchen you want in your home. As a renovation company, our goal is to offer you the best options for all your needs. For this reason, we work with trusted and proven distributors in the market.

The finishes of this kitchen renovation in Badalona can be seen in the following video. A very fine work that has improved this space in every way. To learn more about completed projects, follow us on social networks. We update our profiles daily with renovations in Barcelona and the near areas.

Kitchen distribution

The kitchen is located in an independent space with a rectangular surface. Just to the left of the entrance, we have integrated some of the new appliances. Specifically, there are custom-made gaps for the refrigerator, oven and microwave. The last two are appliances with a black finish.

In the central part of this kitchen renovation we have placed the kitchen counter, which occupies the space from one end to the other. It offers a large support and work surface, in addition to being equipped with the cooking plate and a single sink. A big improvement is that it has storage capacity on both the bottom and top of the counter.

On the right side of the room we have placed a kitchen unit with double functionality. On the one hand, it expands the storage capacity in the kitchen. At the same time, it is a breakfast bar, excellent for comfortable stretches and to have some refreshments with the visits. For her we have enabled two kitchen stools together with the overall image.

Kitchen design

Another excellent improvement in this kitchen renovation in Badalona is the new image of the stay. It is a space with a good amount of natural light and we wanted to take advantage of it. We painted the walls white so that light flows into every corner. The lower part of the kitchen cabinet and the counter are also white.

We have also applied wood finishes. We see them in kitchen cabinets anchored at the top and also on the breakfast bar. It is a combination widely used in kitchen renovations. The result generates a timeless image that goes well with current trends. In addition, it can be easily decorated and accepts all kinds of elements and colors.

We have enhanced this neutral and pleasant image with the new kitchen floor. It is a ceramic floor with a finish that imitates parquet. Visually it is excellent and fits wonderfully with the other wooden elements. On the practical side, it is a floor that is easy to clean and maintain, ideal for spaces like kitchens.

Kitchen renovation budget

To improve the kitchen, it is best to have the advice and experience of professionals like those of Grupo Inventia. We prepare an initial project so that you can choose the novelties you want in your kitchen. We deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation alongside the kitchen renovation budget. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17.