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New renovation in Barcelona: Mallorca street

Together with our renovation and interior design team, we have undertaken a renovation in Barcelona. Specifically, to completely improve a house located on Carrer Mallorca. We managed to turn a flat with deficiencies into a real home. It is now ready to deliver the best performance at any time of the day.

In this new renovation in Barcelona, we have worked on the renovation of interiors both physically and aesthetically. We have adapted all the rooms to their purpose and printed a contemporary decorative style. We share all the finishes of this project in the video below. To learn more about the work we have done, follow our profiles on social networks.

Open kitchen

One of the first improvements takes us to an open kitchen. It has a U-shaped layout with three counter sections. In one we installed the glass ceramic plate and in the next the sink, right next to the window. It is completed with a kitchen bar that provides a support and work surface.

Enabling some stools also works as an ideal space for breakfast and fast food. We have also fully equipped this kitchen renovation, with all the appliances integrated into the furniture. Now you have a fridge, an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher and a wine cooler.

Another of the improvements of this kitchen renovation is to expand the storage capacity. It now has drawers and cupboards throughout the lower area of the counters. We also anchored cabinets in the upper area of one. All surrounded by a neutral design that combines beige tones and wood finishes.

Functional bathrooms

This house on Mallorca street has two cleaning areas and we have taken it upon ourselves to improve it completely. They are now presented in a contemporary design and have modern and functional sanitary ware. Each bathroom renovation is designed to offer the best benefits at all times.

The master bathroom is located in a spacious space that allows for an excellent layout. At the entrance we find the toilet on the right and the shower tray on the left. At the bottom of the bathroom we have installed the toilet and anchored a wall cupboard. It is a perfect addition to the bathroom cabinet to generate more storage.

On the other side we find a toilet which is accessed through a sliding door. It functions as a complementary cleaning space and has a sink with built-in furniture and a toilet. In both renovations we opted for a neutral bathroom design with the aim of achieving two pleasant and fresh spaces.

Contemporary interiors

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom renovations analyzed, we have also taken it upon ourselves to apply all kinds of improvements to the interior image of this home. In this sense, our team of interior designers has worked on the basis of a contemporary design in neutral tones. It is a perfect option to have bright spaces and enhance the visual breadth.

We have painted the walls in the living room and bedrooms beige. In this way we generate a pleasant contrast with the new white doors and plinths. At the same time, we have also applied other colors such as an olive green wall in the living room. To generate warmth we have placed a parquet floor in natural wood tones. We can see them both in the common areas and in the bedrooms.

Budget of renovation in Barcelona

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