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New trends in interior renovations

10 March, 2022 · Blog

Over the years and in our position as a renovations company we have been part of the dizzying pace of this sector. Trends in home renovation and home decorating is a steady stream of changes and new ideas. In this way the market responds to the demand of those interested in enjoying the best decorative trends in their home.

While sometimes it is a location of elements for decoration, in others it goes much further and needs to be reformed. It is in these situations that companies such as Grupo Inventia are in charge of interior renovations. For us, each project is unique and we offer a personalized service to our clients.

Only in this way can we guarantee maximum satisfaction with the result. In this way, our team of interior design in Barcelona and construction work together to be able to apply everything that the owners request. Thanks to having both departments in the same office we can offer the new trends in interior renovations.

Neutral design

Neutral interior design is currently at the forefront of the industry. Its ability to generate warm and cozy spaces in the home makes it the most popular choice. Neutral shades are those used in this type of interior design and are able to maximize the image of the home.

interiores neutros

Colors such as white, beige, a soft shade of gray often occupy spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms. These are shades that fit very well with the current pace of life and that know how to enhance the comfort of home. Obviously not everything is rest, they also create a very pleasant atmosphere when receiving visits.

Another advantage of contemporary interior design is that it is easy to decorate. Unlike other well-marked decorative styles, this interior design accepts a wide variety of options. For example, furniture with wood finish, linear style in white or black colors and also more modern or retro structures.

Open kitchen

One of the trends in interior renovation that has come to stay is the open kitchen. The idea that the kitchen should be in a separate space has changed over the years. Today, 8 out of 10 people interested in renovating their kitchen ask if it can be opened.

In some cases it can involve the demolition of the same walls of the original kitchen, in others a redistribution of spaces is carried out. Be that as it may, open kitchen is one of the current trends and it seems that it is not a momentary option. Every day new options appear to integrate the kitchen in the general image of the house.

reformas cocinas

At Grupo Inventia we carry out many kitchen renovations and make sure that they are functional and adapt to current needs. An important detail is that an open kitchen must be in tune with the rest of the image and it is a key factor to have professional interior designers.

Ceramic floors

One of the most visible elements in a home is the pavement. Choosing it well is key, as you will have to live with it on a daily basis. You are usually right in your choice and more so with the right professional advice. As for floors, trends in interior renovations have long been facing the floor.

If we follow the line of what we have commented, parquet floors fit perfectly into a contemporary interior design. The wood finishes combine perfectly with the proposed neutral tones. Although another option has been gaining weight in the sector and is closely related to the concept of open kitchen.

suelos reforma interiores

One of the most popular options today is ceramic parquet flooring. It is a floor that offers an image identical to natural or synthetic parquet, although with other characteristics. This is a surface that can resemble classic stoneware tiles or hydraulic floors. Hence it is a type of flooring totally suitable for a space like the kitchen.

Interior renovations

While trends in interior renovation go much further, these are three concepts that are booming and are the most popular. At Grupo Inventia we take care of explaining to you in a personalized way everything you need to know for the reform of your home. Our goal is to offer the best options for all needs. Request information without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.