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Options for the new floor of your home

22 September, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

When renovating the interior design of your home there are many factors to consider. One of them is the new floor. This is a plot with many options and in which the market offers a great variety. In Grupo Inventia we have an extensive catalog so you can have the flooring you like best in your home.

The choice of a new floor for the home is conditioned by several factors. Among them we find the personal taste, the global image of the house or the price of the pavement that catches our attention. The house renovation company in Barcelona Grupo Inventia is aware of this and offers the best options.

suelo parquet madera
Floor with wood finish | Grupo Inventia

In addition to a large selection of flooring, we offer a personalized attention service by our interior designers in Barcelona. In this way you can count on the professional advice of an expert person to choose the new floor for your home. It is worth mentioning that the versatility of our company adapts to all styles and budgets. Whatever your price range, we offer the best qualities on the market.

Parquet floor

A few years ago, parquet floors reached a high status within the pavement sector and today they still maintain it. In a work of house renovation it is very common that the new pavement chosen is a parquet floor. Especially for the contemporary interior design that is used with the aim of renovating and modernizing a home.

Parquet flooring offers great benefits both in image and in practicality. Its wood finish fits perfectly with all types of interior design and is able to generate warm and welcoming environments. Two ideal features for a family home that seeks a pleasant image for all times.

In this sense, parquet floors are perfect for spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms and for expansion to the rest of the house. On the other hand the market offers both natural and laminate flooring. In Grupo Inventia we have both types of parquet and we guarantee great resistance and durability.

cocina abierta
Laminate flooring | Grupo Inventia

Laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is presented as a guaranteed alternative to natural parquet. The improvements in its manufacture present it as a resistant surface against specific moments and the passage of time. Its cost is cheaper than natural and its final image has nothing to envy.

Another detail to keep in mind for laminate flooring is its image versatility. Being a synthetic product we can find finishes in different colors and designs of wood. It can fit in different decorative styles without any problem. All this makes laminate flooring a great alternative when choosing the new floor of your home.

Ceramic floor

For other spaces in the home there are more options for the pavement. In spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms, other types of floors are usually chosen. The daily use and the activities that are carried out in them require another type of surface. For them, a new floor is preferred that offers great resistance and easy maintenance in the day to day.

encimera blanca cocina
Hydraulic type ceramic floor in kitchen | Grupo Inventia

For this reason, ceramic, stoneware or hydraulic floors are usually the ones chosen for these spaces in the home. Currently, ceramic floors are presented as an option that combines the concepts of image modernization and durability. All types of images and finishes can be printed on them.

A ceramic floor can have finishes in a single color such as stoneware, a characteristic pattern of a hydraulic floor or wood finishes. In general, it can be purchased at a cheaper price than the floors it imitates, although guaranteeing the same benefits. Like parquet floors, ceramic floors can be adapted to any type of interior design.

Change floors in Barcelona

Drawing a general line, these are the two types of floors that are most in demand when carrying out a house renovations. These are pavements with an image and characteristics that adapt perfectly to current needs. In the company Grupo Inventia we have a great variety of both, in addition to many others that you can also see in our offices and showrooms.

empresa reforma integral barcelona
Hydraulic floors in bathrooms | Grupo Inventia

We offer personalized advice from experts in the field of interior design and house renovations. We draw up a more budgeted project as we deliver it for free and without obligation. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17. A member of our team will attend to you personally.