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Attic house renovation in Arizala street of Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia gave concluded the attic house renovation that were carried out in Arizala street of Barcelona. In this case we ordered both the interior and exterior renovations, since the property has a balcony and a terrace.

One of the objectives was to achieve wide and luminous spaces that create a pleasant atmosphere for livability, which we achieve by combining neutral colors with natural light from outside. Before commenting on this new work of house renovation share a video where you can see all the details.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen renovation is open and for the organization of its new elements were used in a L distribution, achieving a very functional use.

On the left stood a large, long board on which installed a hob, an oven embedded and a sink. A great advantage of this area is equipped with cupboards and drawers for storage in both the bottom and top of the countertop. The right side has a small section of the counter, perfect supporting surface, and a kitchen cabinet in which they embed a microwave and a refrigerator.

For the design of this kitchen renovation they use white, around the kitchen cabinet and gray, on the counter.

Bathrooms renovation

The property has two bathrooms: the suite and courtesy. In both cases carried out a complete renovation of both the interior design and installation of sanitary equipment. Thus, every bathroom renovation has a sink with a built furniture wholesalers, a toilet and a shower protected with screens sliding doors.

House renovation in Barcelona

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