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New house renovation in Travessera de les Corts

In recent months we have been doing the house renovation of a flat located at Travessera de les Corts. Once the result has been very satisfactory, we managed very comfortable rooms.

In general they use neutral colors when painting walls and chose a parquet flooring laminate floor most of the rooms. All the details of this new work of house renovation can be seen in the next video.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an open space for the disposal of its new distribution elements are used in two fronts. On the right, attached to the wall, stood a section of countertop equipped with a sink one another. This provides a wide support surface and work, as well as storage at the bottom.

Now on the left, the open, he set a new section of countertop equipped with hob and oven embedded just below. And in turn enabled with stools, the bar counter can be used as a kitchen, making a perfect space to perform daily intakes more relaxed.

Bathrooms renovation

Both bathrooms counts with housing have a very complete health facilities that offer the best performance in its use. In both cases settled with furniture built a toilet, a shower and a toilet.

For the interior design was bet tiled walls that generate a feeling cozy and spacious, very important to stay in daily use.

House renovation in Barcelona

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