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House renovation in Travessera de Les Corts

In Grupo Inventia we completed a new house renovation in the city of Barcelona. This time we completely rehabilitate a house located at Travessera de Les Corts. In it we managed to create a suitable environment and cozy, fully equipped rooms as well as important as the kitchen or bathroom that had two rooms of the property.

Before discussing the details of this new house renovation we present a general video finishes were achieved.

Kitchen renovation

It is a large kitchen open to the livingroom. For the disposal of its new distribution elements used a dstribution in U. On the right, attached to the wall, we had a large closet in which, in addition to offering a wide capacity storage is encastraron new appliances.

In the background stood a section of countertop that was equipped with a ceramic hob and on the right, open to the lounge, is located a second section of countertop with a sink one another. Moreover, this is very long and offers a wide support surface and work.

Bathroom renovations

The property has two bathrooms and both were completely renovated. In the two bathroom renovations go for a bath was tiled with beige tiles, which generated a feeling of spaciousness and light rooms. Regarding the health facilities, both have built toilet with drawers, toilet and shower.

House renovation in Barcelona

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