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Integral reform and furniture Diputació street

A few days ago we presented you the integral reform we end in Diputació street of Barcelona, today we tell all the details of this rehabilitation which also carried out the installation of the furniture in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Once fitted, this integral reform looks fantastic and the owners have been very pleased with the result. In general, we use neutral shades and we installed laminate parquet in order to generate more spacious feeling. Being an integral reform of the kitchen and living room in the same space, this was a fundamental aspect.

Before going into detail, you can see the improvements and furniture installed in the next video.

Kitchen reformed and equipped

Kitchen reform was open to the living room and decided that it was more beneficial to use a distribution in the shape of L. But in this case, we place the refrigerator, red and vintage look, to the right side of the room.

In the section of the counter is stuck to the wall we installed the sink and oven were embedded at the bottom. The vitroceramic was placed in the other section, which is open to the living room. In this last have enabled red stools because the owners enjoy a bar type american kitchen.

Functional bathroom equipped

In bathroom reform we installed a toilet with drawers built, a toilet and a shower protected by a shower screen. For the design, we chose to combine neutral tones and dark, as with mirror was installed, generate greater feeling of spaciousness and warmth.

Grupo Inventia integral reform

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